Everything’s Great,” right? Well, maybe not everything. But what is great is Deer and her brand new music video for her latest single via Shadow Squad Records. The multidisciplinary artist could never be accused of faking it, as the emotional authenticity of her as an individual and songwriter shine brightly through in this new video.

Deeply personal, you get an up-close and intimate, reflective view of Deer in this new video, as she lays it all on the line. That nothing-to-hide approach to her craft is what makes her so compelling as an artist, a philosophy that is driving her forward, not just as a musician, but as something of a jack of all trades.

To tell us more about her new single, Deer mentions,

“‘Everything’s Great’ is a song about despair and pain. It’s something that came about from personal experience and knowing something might be toxic but wanting the other person to completely take over and give a ‘real’ reason to leave. A desire for pain? But also for endings. A reflection of many moments in my life.”

So much more than a singer and a songwriter, Deer is involved every step of the way when it comes to her art and her career. She also takes a lead role in creating the visual components that go along with her music, as well as leading the way with her own management group and doing her own PR. Over the last several years, she has travelled and worked as a live DJ and producer, and found solace and peace of mind in Mexico City where she currently works and resides. Her lyrics are quite emotional, dealing with many topics close to people’s hearts, such as mental health and self-acceptance.

For Deer, art is more than just a pastime and an occupation; it’s a whole state of being that inspires her as a curious and attentive individual.

Artwork for “Everything’s Great” by Deer