Killer Hearts Debut the Music Video for Their Blazing Cut “Dynamite Tramp” [Premiere]

All spirit, all heart, and all punk. That’s how you may best describe Killer Hearts and their new music video for “Dynamite Tramp.”



All spirit, all heart, and all punk. That’s how you may best describe Killer Hearts and their new music video for “Dynamite Tramp.” Exuding attitude, abandon, and free-spiritedness, the video features a group of young women having the time of their life, as they wheel their way around the city without a care in the world. It’ll remind you of one of the wilder nights of your youth, you know, when you just didn’t give a good god damn?

The song is one of ten blazing cuts to be found on their brand new album Skintight Electric, their first for Spaghetty Town Records, released just last month. Just one listen will tell demonstrate to you how punk rock this quartet is, but the band will tell you that it’s not even that intentional. They write songs about their neighbourhood, the city in which they live. Houston, Texas is a no-nonsense kind of town, where only the strong survive, and that attitude is what the band tries to emphasize in their music.

Explaining how the idea for the video came about, the band shares,

“The video for ‘Dynamite Tramp’ came about after we met Seyla Hossaini from Toward Space. We played together in West Virginia and started talking about making a video together. She had directed their music videos before, so Jerrie Boy Jerrie and her came up with the idea of a ‘girl gang’ video, where the band wouldn’t really be shown in the video at all. So she assembled the gang, aka the Jean Creamers, and they went and wreaked havoc on the city (laughs). The video is a result of how Seyla perceived people having fun and getting wild to our music. It’s fun, dangerous, sexy and a bit wild all at once.”

With a mix of 1970s arena rock aggressiveness and late 1970s punk rock energy, Killer Hearts have turned the intensity up to 11 on Skintight Electric. The album is a riff-rock extravaganza, with a real vintage feel to it. It’s got more in common with The Ramones and The Sex Pistols than it does with most of the modern punk rock acts currently dominating the scene. Producer DonDemon BoyCilurso, former guitarist of Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones really helped capture that classic vibe without overdoing it on studio alterations.

Asked about finally releasing Skintight Electric after some unwanted delays, the band adds,

“Yeah we are definitely excited to finally be getting the album out, after being pushed back because of COVID. It’s been a long process, but I think the time is right for it to come out now, since we can play shows and go on tour again. People didn’t have live music for so long, I think there’s more excitement about it now. And It gave us more time to do promo work for the record as well.”

With some tour dates upcoming this month, there’s a lot of punk rocking to look forward to. These are ten new tracks that the band hopes inspire a modern-day punk revolution.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/14 – Atlanta, GA
10/15 – Richmond, VA
10/16 – Philadelphia, PA
10/17 – Pittsburgh, PA
10/19 – New Haven, CT
10/20 – Brooklyn, NY
10/21 – Lexington, KY
10/22 – Kansas City, MO
10/23 – New Orleans, LA

Artwork for the album ‘Skintight Electric’ by Killer Hearts


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