Modern betting is a hobby for millions. For some, it is a hobby; for others, it is a way of making money. However, it is not only mere mortals known for their addiction to sports betting and gambling in general. Among betting fans, there are many celebrities: sports stars, actors, musicians, and performers. The most famous showbiz superstars who revere betting are Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), David Harbour, and Ben Affleck.

Charlie Sheen is known for his carelessness, which has caused him to lose a tidy sum on more than one occasion. His game on everything, as well as betting with bookmakers, can not be called responsible. The actor’s passion for betting turned into a gambling addiction. His story illustrates the consequences of a reckless attitude to betting. To avoid such situations, bookmakers themselves, including Golpas, a review of which can be found on, promote responsible betting and warn of the possible consequences in case of ignoring the established rules of the game.

Ashton Kutcher is known to the world for his successful acting in films. However, it is not just his acting talent that has made him famous in the betting world. The movie star professionally engaged in sports betting, contributing to the ruin of bookmakers. In one interview, the American admitted that he was a member of a major US syndicate.

Ashton was a figurehead and played the role of an inexperienced gambler, betting huge sums on the first event he saw, making reckless bets for his entertainment. In reality, the star was backed by professionals who analyzed every occasion and all the risks.

American rapper Curtis Jackson, better known under the stage name 50 Cent, is considered a high roller in the betting world. The performer does not complain about financial well-being and can afford to splurge. However, according to the rapper, all his bets are successful. At the same time, he does not make any complicated calculations or predict events but only listens to his intuition and inner voice. Many would have doubts, but the fact that Curtis once won $500 thousand betting on football, and another time successfully bet $1.6 million on the victory of his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, makes us believe in the performer’s unique flair.

Famous American actor David Harbour, who has starred in the series Stranger Things and the films Black Widow and Hellboy, also talks about his acting background. David’s real passion was poker. Until a few years ago, he often played poker and did not miss the opportunity to bet at the bookmakers. The Golden Globe and Emmy winner admits that he misses the “underground poker life of New York.” The actor hasn’t played in a few years but would love to meet his friends at the table.

Another star gambling enthusiast is Ben Affleck. He travels a lot with his lover Jennifer Lopez and doesn’t forget to check out the gambling establishments. The Hollywood star is considered an avid gambler because he never misses an opportunity to play poker or blackjack. The last time he was spotted at a gambling table was last month in Las Vegas.

It has to be said that the actor plays well. So good that one of the Sin City establishments has banned him from playing. In 2004, he even won the title of “Champion of Poker” in California. In the gambling practice of Ben Affleck happened and dizzying victories and crushing defeat. However, he does not forget to be guided by logic and common sense for all his love of gambling and betting.

The celebrity examples are instructive enough. Not all celebrities win and sometimes part with a lot of money. However, reducing the risk of loss is real. It is essential to stick to the basic rules and guidelines and avoid rash betting on unfamiliar teams or players.