R&B singer-songwriter Borboleta reflects on the growing pains inherent to the transition from childhood to adulthood in their new single, “Take Your Time,” out October 4. Alongside a playful music video, the soulful artist expresses the importance of making the time to stay grounded through the fast-paced whirlwind of growing up. During the transition to adulthood – characterized by juggling school, work, and romance – it is difficult to escape the anxiety of falling short of our responsibilities and aspirations for the future. The Providence-based artist uses “Take Your Time” as a reminder for young adults everywhere to prioritize their own needs, giving listeners the permission to take a moment to breathe through the transition.

“Growing up felt like everything was moving a mile a minute: school, work, romance, etc. ‘Take Your Time’ is about taking that time you need to breathe and putting your feet on the ground. Everything happens for a reason” shares Borboleta.

Borboleta’s effortless flow with their textured vocals projects an undeniable swagger on this lo-fi track. Caressed by silky keys, bright electric guitar, and driven with rhythmically creative percussion, “Take Your Time” delivers a chill, soulful vibe reminiscent of the moments of rest and reflection Borboleta sings about. The artist undeniably enjoys their time – showcasing a charming charisma – throughout the music video. Playful delivery in tandem with a retro-glam aesthetic shows Borboleta in their element; this music video embodies freedom, friendship, and perfectly showcases the joy inherent to truly living in the moment.

Though the music video showcases a lighthearted playfulness, it also makes a commentary on the inherent racial bias integrated into photography; light skin tones are thought of as the ‘norm,’ while darker skin tones are characterized as requiring corrective care. Borboleta looked at this project – specifically in the opening scenes – as an opportunity to say their part in breaking the history of Shirly Cards (reference photos initially created by Kodak to aid camera technicians) being created just for white people. “Take Your Time” shows fans that when listening to Borboleta, they can expect glamour, edginess, charisma, and a powerful message.