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Blert Reinvent Themselves on Their New Album ‘New Day Undone’ [Premiere]

In the exact same instance, Blert are both seasoned pros and the newest kids on the block. Check out the band with our premiere of their new album ‘New Day Undone,’



In the exact same instance, Blert are both seasoned pros and the newest kids on the block. How many bands can say that they’ve been together for over 30 years, yet some of the members have never actually met each other? The band is pleased to be releasing their brand new album New Day Undone, which features brand new lead singer Tasha Danner.

Although Blert has roots that go back to the late 1980s when bassist Ron Levasseur, drummer Neal Hevel, and guitarist Chris Greacen began playing together as teenagers, the current incarnation of the band has never actually all been together in the same room. That’s because Tasha joined the band during the pandemic and only got to know the other members via a myriad of Zoom meetings, phone calls, and recordings exchanged back and forth. Somehow, she has fit right in, seamlessly blending in as if she has had years to build chemistry with her bandmates.

Explaining the background and the timeline behind the new album, the band told us,

“The latest album, New Day Undone, evolved over 22 years (right on schedule given their long history) and continues to evolve and expand, just like the universe itself. Created from the rage, confusion, excessive time at home, and sometimes even transcendent joy that was 2020, the music was transported from previously created sounds in the 2000s, whilst lyrics and additional sounds arose recently through collaboration between everyone.”

Blert first formed in Boston over 30 years ago, and then after a hiatus, reconnected in San Francisco in the late 1990s, a time when they really began to develop momentum as a live act. Characterizing themselves as a math rock, or even nerd rock band, the group takes an evolutionary approach to their sound, viewing it as a living tree that grows in different directions and transcends conventional musical classifications, while staying true to their retro rock and punk inspirations.

Tasha comes from a much different place, growing up as a performer from a young age, and serving as a mouseketeer on The Disney Channel’s All New Mickey Mouse Club from age 13 to 14. The way in which they found each other may be atypical or even a little odd, but it’s all somehow worked out for the best. Now, it’s just a matter of actually meeting in person at which point the musical conquest can really begin.

New Day Undone Track Listing:

1. Escape
2. New Day Undone
4. Blind Spot
5. Place Among the Stars
6. Start Plain
7. Solitary Lines
8. Rain’s Coming Down
9. Sold Out
10. Leave the Lights On
11. Frozener

Artwork for the album ‘New Day Undone’ by Blert