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Wormwitch – ‘Wolf Hex’ [Album Review]

From the depths of the Canadian black metal scene, Wormwitch returns with their savage new album. Read our review here.



Spewed up by the Canadian extreme metal scene, black metal terrors Wormwitch are back with Wolf Hex (Prosthetic Records), their third album. Recorded in their own studio in Vancouver, Wolf Hex stays true to the band’s black metal roots with a raw, horrific onslaught.

Screeching into the fantastically named “Canadian Denim Mountain Attack,” hearing frontman Robin Harris unleash an animalistic howl about forty seconds in, epitomizes everything this band is about. Taking a raw, simplistic approach to their music, the quartet is a feral amalgamation of traditional heavy metal and raw, frostbitten black metal.

Savage in its delivery, the likes of “The Wolves of Ossory” and “Hammer of the Underworld” are merciless in their attack. Raw, unpolished, vicious, Wolf Hex has no need for big expensive productions, this is straight from heart, fury. Unrestrained the band hurtle into the ferocious “Leering Crystal Effegies” while their use of haunting, atmospheric passages such as the morbid “The Crimson Proof” just add a real air of bleakness to this piece of work.

Propping up the back end of the album is a fantastic headbanger of a track in the form of the denim and studs drenched “Teeth Of The Dawn” then, as if to give a final showing of their metal roots, the Canadian black metal quartet launch into a stupendously raucous version of Metallica’s classic neck snapper “Hit The Lights.” A fantastic, truly metal way to end this feral offering, Wormwitch has produced yet another crushing metal addition to their majestic catalogue of work.

Wolf Hex Track Listing:

1. Lunar Maniac
2. Canadian Denim Mountain Attack
3. The Wolves of Ossory
4. Hammer of the Underworld
5. The Crimson Proof
6. Abracadabra
7. Leering Crystal Effigies
8. Grail
9. Teeth of the Dawn
10. Hit the Lights

Run Time: 29:33
Release Date: August 27, 2021
Record Label: Prosthetic Records

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