South Coast nu-core collective Seething Akira has been something of a buzz name on the UK underground circuit for a good while now. Known for their energetic, scathing live shows, the band has a stack of experience supporting the likes of Skindred and Hactivist around the UK and that’s as good a place as any to start with their new album Dysfunctional Wonderland.

Backing up their full-throttle live shows, the sextet has weighed in with an album that will surely catapult them onto bigger things. A lethal cocktail of nu-metal, electronics and modern metal, Dysfunctional Wonderland is an exhilarating listen. Spitting through opener “Knock Off God,” the vocal duo of Kit DConrad and Charlie Bowes pull no punches with their gritty lyrics. Snarling with the attitude of Hactivist but with hooks almost as big as Enter Shikari, songs like “Gravity” and “The Fallen” are built as much for throwing down in the moshpit as they are for throwing shapes with your mates to in your local rock club.

Joined by Arcaeon’s Stu Sarre on the Linkin Park-esque nu-metal pulse of “Lucid Dream,” Seething Akira shows that, with their blend of gritty nu-metal and huge melodies, there isn’t anything on Dysfunctional Wonderland that couldn’t take propel them to new levels. A massive album, this is a band who not only have huge ideas but they have the means to pull them off and, given the quality on display, that can only bode very well for an exciting future.

The band ends the record with a classy touch in the form of the spoken word track “Dear Hazel,” a tribute to a long-time supporter of the group. It’s a wonderful way to sign off an album that, from start to finish, has backed up the fearsome reputation Seething Akira has built up. For a long time now, Seething Akira has been there or thereabouts, with the phenomenal Dysfunctional Wonderland, the fuse has been lit. You’d be advised to stand back because, once you hit play, the damage will be devastating.

Dysfunctional Wonderland Track Listing:

1. Knock Off God
2. Ded
3. Gravity
4. Superluminal
5. Dysfunctional Wonderland
6. Lucid Dreams (ft. Stu Sarre)
7. Smile Thief
8. The Fallen
9. Kenneth Dopeland
10. Dear Hazel

Run Time: 40:48
Release Date: September 3, 2021
Record Label: FiXT


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