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Problems Faced in the Music Industry by Managers and Labels

This article discusses some vital rising challenges in the music industry.



We often talk about the challenges of musicians, especially the upcoming ones, and little did we pay attention to the drawbacks of the roles behind the scenes. We may not see managers on the screen, but they drive the popularity of a particular label and song. has authentic news and information on sports-related subjects. Furthermore, this article discusses some vital rising challenges in the music industry.

Problems Associated with Promoting New Artists

Many artists and bands are out there, trying to make a win for themselves. Hence, having a manager is the first approach many of them take, with the hope of finding a lasting solution. Meanwhile, a song needs to be inspiring and pleasing to the hearing before signing it up, but how many upcoming artists want to be patient with a manager?

Sometimes, managers agree to support an artist from scratch because they see the possibility of a bright future, but it becomes frustrating when no one sees the same vision as them.

1. Insufficient Funds

Promoting an upcoming artist can be quite capital intensive. A manager needs all the necessary human resources as much as possible. Limited resources keep hindering the results and nullify the imputed efforts.
Thanks to technology, many streaming platforms can easily get an artist out there, while standard media requires hosting a huge sum of money. More so, it becomes difficult to market, record, and send out copies of songs freely. Some managers get overwhelmed to the point of running a project with their resources. As much as the trait is noble, it is not an ideal business decision. Hence, avoid breaking personal banks and stay out of excessive debts.

2. No Fulfilled Return on Investment (ROI)

On both managers’ and musicians’ sides, there is an expected amount of ROI, and when it does not come forth, the parties involved get discouraged. For instance, if the budget to run an album is $35,000, it does not mean you will generate the same or more than the amount after releasing the album. Hence, it is a loss for both parties. Recording a song requires allocating touring, materials, studio lighting, features of people, and many other expenses.

The Best Solution for Managers and Labels

Before diverting your energy for a musician, confirm if it is worth the time and money. You can run this through by playing a snippet on your most engaging social media and see how many fans it could generate. Since people did not pay to access it, they will approve or disapprove of the song.


Undoubtedly, the music industry is experiencing massive sales than in previous years but does not validate the absence of challenges. If it is not addressed appropriately, the problems faced by labels and managers may cause a big loophole. People need to keep a good music vibe around, and it can only work if all the music teams are stabilized. More so, solving the problems in the music industry becomes a trivial challenge if the manager, producer, and artist can agree on a common goal, with similar energy in getting it done.

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