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In The A.M. Deliver Their Rebellious and Defiant New Single, “Save Yourself” [Premiere]

Rebellious and defiant in nature, In The A.M’s new song “Save Yourself” stands as a landmark for Alex Shimp, the architect behind this alternative rock band.



For all of you who have doubted Alex Shimp in the past, well, he’s got something to really shut you up. As the architect behind alternative rockers In The A.M., Shimp has overcome a lot of adversity, and after many life lessons, he’s here to tell you that he really doesn’t want or need any of your help. And why should he? He’s doing quite fine for himself, thank you very much, with the release of his latest single “Save Yourself.”

Rebellious and defiant in nature, the new song stands as a landmark for Shimp as a songwriter, a moment when he feels confident enough to stand up for himself and reassure you that your opinion is not needed. Formed in 2018, In The A.M. was originally formed as a means for Shimp to record and release his own music. The name of the band was inspired by the first and middle initials of his name, as a method of differentiating it from himself as a person.

When asked about “Save Yourself,” Shimp told us, “This song is about people trying to force you to be the version of yourself that they think you should be, and the reaction that comes from that force. Not everyone’s opinion should be something you consider, because a lot of people don’t know down from up.”

“Save Yourself” is the first of a lot of new music to come from Shimp. Rather than a standard EP or LP-type release, he has instead decided to release an EP as a set of singles that will be released at various times over the course of the next year. There will be at least eight songs released in total, with some acoustic tracks that will be mixed in along the way. Although In The A.M. has released music previously, such as last year’s What Have I Become, Shimp considers this upcoming set of songs like the band’s debut because of its enhances in quality from a songwriting, instrumentation, and production standpoint. It’s a revelation for Shimp, a confession of what he does in his spare time and the perfectionist attitude he brings to his art.

To everyone who has lacked any confidence in Shimp, well, you’re probably going to feel really stupid about that very soon.

Artworki for “Save Yourself” by In The A.M.