Things are feeling a little bit surreal today, but that’s essentially the plan when it comes to Mary Jennings and her brand new single and music video for “Dreaming of Giants,” off of her June-released full-length, Matriarch. The music video will see its official release tomorrow, September 25th, which also happens to be World Dream Day, which we’re pretty sure you never knew about until just now. That’s right, each year on September 25th, World Dream Day encourages people around the globe to go out there and make their dreams into a reality. It’s also a day to think big and bold, setting your sights on new possibilities. That’s essentially what Jennings did with her approach to this new single and its accompanying music video.

The video is meant to portray everything you see in your mind when you listen to the song. The various images, such as beatings hearts, the sea of eyes, and the hands grabbing Mary, are intended to encapsulate the dream world, with the fast-paced transitions of imagery and the nonstop movement of them all meant to create a feeling of endlessness. It’s an ambitious video coming from an ambitious artist at a time when she has never felt more artistic freedom and opportunity.

Here to contextualize the song and the video for us is Mary herself who said, “Have you ever woken up from a dream that you just can’t shake? You know… those dreams that stick with you all day and follow you around only to cause you anxiety right before you fall asleep the next night? Well, I have those… often… and sometimes about giants. And when I have nightmares, it often helps to write songs about them. It takes it a step further to actualize them in a visual form as well and thanks to the help of Friedanimation and Whitney Wolanin, I was able to turn my nightmare into a reality with the ‘Dreaming of Giants’ music video. Hope you enjoy taking a sneak peak into my crazy brain.”

Truly a jack of all trades, Jennings is an individual who is certainly not afraid to try new things. Her wild imagination is inspired by her many compelling life experiences. While music is her primary focus, it hasn’t always been that way, as she has spent time employed as a teacher, aerobics instructor, clothing retailer, bartender, luggage salesperson, and even paranormal researcher. From these many life experiences, Mary has developed quite a quirky personality, which is largely the reason for her incomparable sound and style.

Her music is meant to be very engaging, which is why she is not afraid to be more revealing about herself to her fans. She feels comfortable in showing people the real her because, at the end of the day, she’s not all that different than anyone else. It’s that relatability that is what is earning her a larger and larger following. With Mary Jennings, you never know exactly what you’re going to get, but you can be certain it’ll be something you can positively engage with.

Artwork for “Dreaming of Giants” by Mary Jennings