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“You Can’t Save Everyone” But You Can Listen to Owls & Aliens’ New Single [Premiere]

Be sure to check out the new Owls & Aliens single and music video for “You Can’t Save Everyone.”



If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that “You Can’t Save Everyone.” But you can try to keep your spirits and those of the people around you high, no matter what ups and downs come your way. That’s essentially the message you’ll take away from Owls & Aliens’ brand new single “You Can’t Save Everyone.” The song strikes a tender chord for the band members, as they shot the music video for it the day after drummer Dakotah Webb’s mother was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.

On the same day of the video shoot, Webb’s mother had emergency, life-saving surgery. Under the circumstances, the band was about to call off the entire shoot, but Webb’s mother insisted they go ahead with it. With her blessings, the band shot the video in Klamath Falls, Oregon at the city’s historical skate park, with its beautiful, mountainous backdrop.

Shortly after the video shoot, singer Dustin Carter’s father was also diagnosed with cancer. The band has dedicated “You Can’t Save Everyone” to everyone in the world battling cancer, as well as to everyone who has experienced the hopelessness that comes with the feeling of wanting to help so badly, but realizing there is nothing you can do to help save someone close to you.

With some words on what the song means to him, Carter said, “You see such beauty, potential and value in a person and they don’t see it in themselves. A situation where you’ve drained yourself attempting to lift someone up who isn’t yet willing to try. A breaking point to let them sink or swim. You’ve done all you can. So try not to beat yourself up about it.”

If you were to choose a defining characteristic of Owls & Aliens, it would be honesty. There are no egos at work here, just five guys who want to do what they love. It was only last May that the band released their debut single “Mercy,” which was to be the first song from their debut album. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to the recording process, and they were only able to get half of it recorded. Fortunately, this is a resilient bunch who have begun the process of completing the album, with the intention to have it released before the end of 2021.

With five men separated by twelve years in age, they all come from very different places. What they share most of all is an understanding of the hardships that life can bring about, with each band member having dealt with harsh upbringings, addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. This is what makes them so relatable with their audience because they know what it’s like, and that life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

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