Montreal, Canada’s progressive metal quartet Fayne has unveiled a stupendous music video for their latest single, “Empath,” the first of a two-part release with the second single dropping soon.

Commenting on the track, the band collectively state, “‘Empath’ is about how viewing music (or art in general) as a language, rather than just a form of expression, can allow us to connect and understand people on a deeper level than just conversation, even between two vastly different people. Putting your awareness and emotion into a piece of art or work is acknowledged by other individuals who have also done the same, even if it was in their own way. I guess in short, the song talks about the unique bond and understanding artists have with each other through art and expression itself. How deep that bond goes is up to the people in question, but the idea is that this can be achieved and in a world of art and music it very much exists.

“Adding a cello part to the video version of the song was all for the sake of communicating the message and theme behind the lyrics. Since the song speaks of artists communicating profoundly to each other through their art, we thought ‘Hey, let’s make this theme very real, and actually record a cello section for this part of the song.’ This helped bring that conversation between the painter and cellist out of the screen and into your room, or headphones. It also adds a unique element to the music that only the video version of the song can offer, which we think is cool. You aren’t just hearing the song again, but now you’re hearing it in the context of this short film that breathes new life into song itself. We’ll definitely be exploring this more as our journey as a band continues.”

Artwork for “Empath” by Fayne

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