“Less talk, more punk rock” is about how you would sum up The Ice Cold Killers. Content with letting their music do the talking, this freezing foursome is doing some serious damage on their latest album Stories From The Grave, which is set for its official release tomorrow, but you can hear the whole thing today! Featuring ten new tracks, the record has a really furious punk rock vibe to it, with a lot of fast-paced, almost frenetic energy, with a very clear late ’70s punk-inspired influence. If it’s not already very apparent in listening to Stories From The Grave, the band’s intention was to lay it all on the line and slaughter you with their passion and ferocity. We’d say it all worked out quite well.

Commenting on the record, the guys collectively said, “The Ice Cold Killers are pleased to announce the release of our second album, Stories From The Grave, and it’s one we are proud of. Although this may have been a long journey in the making, the ride has just begun… ten songs of searing punk rock n’ roll… an album that may leave a mark right through your heart, right through your soul, right through your skull!”

Along with the official premiere of Stories From The Grave, the band has joined us today for a track-by-track rundown of the album, providing us with their own special insight into each song.

1. “Stories From The Grave”

“Another short story about growing up in our old neighbourhood. And basically a message in a bottle to the people who will remember those same memories.”

2. “I’ll Only Dance With Death”

“If the end is truly near… let it rock, let it roll, let that music. Send a shockwave through your soul, let that rhythm put a hole right through your skull.”

3. “You’re Dead To Me”

“People come and people go. And the door is forever revolving… but sometimes you have to kill off characters in your story so they may never return.”

4. “Insomniac”

“‘Some count their sheep, man, I’m just counting the days.’ This song was born out of my long brutal bout with insomnia, and when the nights become sleepless, life can feel real hopeless and the days can be a complete fog. One night while watching Rocky movies, Mickey told me to get up and keep on swinging. Everybody needs a Mickey in their corner… and may this song be just that.”

Artwork for ‘Stories From The Grave’ by The Ice Cold Killers

5. “The Legend Of Tumblin’ Downz”

“This was an acoustic song from our first record. Usually a lot of our songs start there. But it was always meant to turn out to be the song it is now. It’s based on the folklore of an old western legend of a man named Tumblin Downz.”

6. “We’re The Enemy”

“The world is the most divided it has ever been. We all point our fingers in every direction but ourselves. If we realized that our heart strings are being tugged and manipulated by paid actors and puppet politicians like puppet strings, made to dance in division causing directions, we would realize that we are all the enemy.”

7. “Still Got Nuthin”

“‘I’ve been through hell, around the world and back and I Still Got Nuthin.’ I’ve watched my dreams suffer a heart attack, and I still got nuthin. I’ll walk away and I’ll never look back, cuz I still got nuthin. Now I got nuthin for you.”

8. “Warhorse”

“Here comes the warhorse, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.”

9. “Runnin Outta Time”

“This song is about seeing through the lies and uniting as one before the time to have that choice runs out… ‘by standing and fighting together or dying alone.’ How will you feel when you run right outta time?”

10. “Killer On The Loose”

“Life can be a killer on the loose and if you let it mow you down, it most certainly will… Many people suffer from hard times, many people suffer from depression, Many people just suffer in general, and taking trips down memory lane won’t always be pleasant, but what’s important is having the strength to keep pushing forward and muscle through. We all have ups and downs. And sometimes we have to realize that it won’t always be the way it is, in good times and bad, and although the future can sometimes seem bleak and dark, well that’s only because it is unwritten. That part is up to you… How will you end your story? Where is your ‘death or glory?’”


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