Crossing I’s Dotting T’s, which is undoubtedly our new favourite band name, are proud to be releasing their debut, self-titled EP this week via Golden Robot and Riot Records. This four-track introduction to the California-based alternative rock group is a foray into what they refer to as “emotive-alternative rock,” a stirring fusion of alternative, punk, and emo. The songs are hard-hitting, and the choruses are big and bold, meant to incite that emotional side of your personality. The EP was inspired by the passing of lead singer Matt Mucerino’s cousin and best friend who succumbed to cancer at the far too young age of 21. The song “See You At Your Funeral” is an ode to Mucerino’s cousin, with the other three songs exploring depression, anxiety, and the inevitability of death.

Mucerino started Crossing I’s Dotting T’s in his bedroom while growing up in Orange County, California, figuring out how to write songs on his own until he met Alex Estrada of Pale Moon Audio. The frontman of Silver Snakes, Estrada is well known for his work with Joyce Manor, Touché Amoré, and Nails. He helped produce the EP and really helped the quartet come together musically like never before.

Joining us to get you prepared for the release of Crossing I’s Dotting T’s’ self-titled debut EP on Friday is none other than Matt Mucerino himself, who has contributed a special track-by-track rundown of each song. Read on to learn about the inspirations, motivations, and vision behind this impressive new release.

1. “Dissatisfied”

“‘Dissatisfied’ is a track about being dissatisfied… who would’ve thought… but it’s about being overwhelmed with life and relationships of all sorts, as well as the inevitability of death while feeling like I am always under pressure to live up to something. You know that feeling when you just want to disappear, but don’t want to let down the people around you, or make them feel like you don’t care about them? That’s what this song is about. ‘Dissociative, dissatisfied.’”

2. “See You At Your Funeral”

This is a song I wrote about my cousin who passed away from cancer at 21 years old. He was my best friend and main inspiration for actually making and performing music. This track is a feeling of helplessness and emptiness. When you can’t seem to feel at home no matter where you are or who you are with, and you just want to be with that one person, or that one thing. It could be your significant other, a family member, a pet… anything! Everyone has that something that they can’t live without and can’t bear to think about letting it go or getting it torn from you.”

Artwork for ‘Crossing I’s Dotting T’s’ by Crossing I’s Dotting T’s

3. “7:45am”

“‘7:45am’ is a brutally honest song about not feeling wanted, being scared for the future, and regretting things in relationships. Lyrically, it is a song that most can relate to (at one point in their life or another); it speaks of general worry for the future and regret for past mistakes, with a big, in your face chorus that portrays the feeling when the person you love ends up not loving you anymore and how hard the words are to actually hear. This is music, and we believe it’s for the emotions. This is a good one live, the emotions come out a lot and you can check it out in a live session on Orange Amps YouTube channel as well, done with Jam In The Van.”

4. “Regret Stained Memories”

This is a song about not wanting to grow old and look back on life and regret doing things or regret not doing things like a lot of people do. It’s our anthem to continue to do the things we want to do and not listen to other ‘traditional’ people, or not to pay attention to social media and the fake attitudes and personalities that it creates. We live in such a new world, with ‘norms’ changing everyday, and we are just trying to continue to do what we love…. make music that isn’t popular anymore… ha!”



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