You love your children. You love your husband or wife. You probably love your parents too. But there’s nothing quite like the love that you have for your dog. It’s perhaps the most unique, incomparable form of love that there is, this inexplicable bond between the two of you that can never be broken. Paying tribute to man’s best friend today is Mt. Grey, a band fronted by Austin, Texas musician James Sargent, with their latest music video for “For a Walk.”

The song is about Sargent’s dog Seamus who had a near-death experience a couple of years ago when his stomach flipped, a rare and commonly fatal condition called gastric dilation and volvulus, or as it’s commonly referred to, bloat. With the sudden onset of symptoms, Sargent was left with a sudden decision he had to make; either pay a massive sum of money to have emergency surgery, or have Seamus put down. Despite the morbid decision he was left to make, Sargent chose to do whatever it took to save his best friend, who is now living happily and healthily at the age of 11.

Combining performance footage with shots of people’s beloved pets, the “For a Walk” music video is both an uplifting and emotional affair. Explaining the context behind the clip, Sargent said, “For the music video we wanted people to send us their own pet videos and create this montage honouring all of our pets. Having my dog in my life has kept me going multiple times. I can’t imagine what life would have been like without him, especially during the pandemic. Many people had expressed similar sentiments to me so we wanted to showcase our incredibly loving friends.”

“For a Walk” was recorded with producer and close band confidant Jas Nowicki, who has worked with Lyed, Pleasure Venom, and Ringo Deathstarr. Mt. Grey began as a solo project for Sargent, with the debut, self-titled album recorded entirely by Sargent on his own. Since it became a full member band, they have released two other singles, “Fake High” released in May of last year, and “Back Again” released this past February. They have an EP close to completion that will finally see its release early in the new year after it was delayed due to the pandemic. In the meantime, go hug your dog, crank up some Mt. Grey, and rejoice at that special bond you have like no other.

Artwork for “For a Walk” by Mt. Grey