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SuperMonkey – “Elisa Bonita” [Free Song Download]

Christian Groblewski, is the man behind SuperMonkey, a talented hard rock act that just released its latest track “Elisa Bonita” last month. Enjoy a free mp3d ownload today!



Singer. Guitarist. Songwriter. Producer. Businessman. These are just a few of the many hats worn by Christian Groblewski, the man behind SuperMonkey, a talented rock act that just released its latest track “Elisa Bonita” last month. And, as of today, you’re welcome to enjoy the song via a free high-quality MP3 download. Along with the single release, the band shot a rambunctious new music video, featuring the guys decked out in full, elaborate face makeup that will put your last Halloween look to shame. When asked about the song, Groblewski was brief and to the point, stating, “I knew this song was great as soon as I wrote it. I could just tell it was something good.”

Interestingly enough, the revved-up rock n’ roll number was produced by Dave Hillis, the multi-, and we mean multi-, platinum engineer and producer. Hillis is the man behind the recording of some of the most legendary entries into your record collection, like Pearl Jam’s Ten, Temple of The Dog’s self-titled album, and Alice In ChainsDirt. Groblewski and the band sought Hillis out to help record the song, primarily because they love the sounds of these legendary records that he had a hand in creating.

Previously a solo project of Groblewski, SuperMonkey is now operating as a three-piece. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Groblewski also is the owner of SuperMonkey Recording Company, Rockburgh Booking Agency, and he is a marketing partner at Tonic Recording Studios. He has been releasing music under the SuperMonkey moniker since 2009 when the Black & Gold Monkey EP was released. Also, an exciting live act, Groblewski and his bandmates have shared the stage with bands like Samantha Fish, Quiet Riot, Fuel, Ace Frehley, The Fixx, White Denim, Tuk Smith, Ratt, and Faster Pussycat. The band is currently looking at booking concert dates in the near future, so look out for SuperMonkey coming to a town near you.


Artwork for “Elisa Bonita” by SuperMonkey