The Scarborough Open Air Theatre is a gorgeous outdoor venue that, like many others, has stayed empty during the last eighteen months’ lockdown. On Wednesday night though, the gates finally opened on the Summer 2021 season and what better way to kick it off than with a packed-out show from Welsh rockers Stereophonics.

In scenes not witnessed for over a year, fans packed out of the floor with Welsh flags dotted about the place and hardcore ’phonics fans staking their spots on the barrier. Sadly, what that meant was a muted response for the opening act, Nottingham newcomers Blondes who, despite a solid set, barely raised a peep from the filling venue. Not that the band did anything wrong with tracks like “Minimum Wage” but, let’s be honest, anything less than Kelly Jones doing a solo set as a warm-up would have garnered the same response from this crowd. Despite this being a frustrating night for the newcomers, with big news to come, they surely know that more rewarding nights are just around the corner.

Sterephonics (w/Blondes) @ Scarborough Open Air Theatre, Scarborough on July 28, 2021

This was a big night for all involved with Scarborough Open Air Theatre, so with not one empty space to be seen, the feeling as Stereophonics walked out onto the stage must have been one mixed with relief and satisfaction. This moment has been a long time coming for fans, the promoters and the band themselves and the noise that erupted as the band kicked off their 23-song set with “C’est La Vie” was incredible.

Midway through the early moments of the set, Jones steps back from his mic, looks around and a wry smile appears across his face. With every returning live show, you see how important moments like these are for the bands. From small club bands to festival headliners like Stereophonics, this is a night they’ve been waiting for so Jones and Co. are making sure those fans who have travelled far and wide to be here, don’t go home disappointed.

“I Wanna Get Lost With You,” “Have A Nice Day,” “Mr and Mrs Smith,” “Handbags and Gladrags,” were all featured in a set that spanned their career, ending with the familiar tones of “Dakota” ringing around the Open Air Theatre letting everyone in the seaside town know that live music was back and back with a bang!

For the full list of bands appearing at Scarborough Open Air Theatre this Summer, visit the Official Scarborough Open Air Theatre Website.



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