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One-Man Band Sensation Cam Cole on Passing the Time on the Road and Wanting to Tour the States

Ahead of his September UK tour, one-man-band sensation Cam Cole talks about how he’ll pass the time on the road during his debut tour.



One-man band busking sensation Cam Cole is taking his heavy blues and rock-and-roll show from the street to the stage for his first-ever UK tour. After many viral internet videos of his street performances in London that have been seen and shared by over 7 million people online, a cameo in Golden Globe-nominated Apple TV show Ted Lasso, as well as two albums under his belt, Cam is raring to go and to finally embark on his first-ever UK tour.

Touring in support of his just-released album, Crooked Hill, we spoke to Cam recently about what life on the road will be like for him.

Thanks for your time Cam, how is life treating you at the moment?

Cam Cole: “Thanks for having me, I’m very good, thank you. I had a gig last weekend for the first time so feeling positive.”

Your album is out now, how does that feel and you must be ready to get out and tour it?

“Yeah I’m excited to tour for sure it’s been fuckin’ ages. There’s only so much practice you can do alone before you want to play to a crowd. And, yeah, with the album, super happy with the reviews and feedback from fans.”

Going back to the beginning though, you became known for your street performances in London. What did you learn from that as an artist?

“I created a show that stopped people who weren’t interested in watching a rock gig. They had other plans that day and my focus was on stopping them through the power of my music and one-man-band synchronised ability. It’s something that now at gigs isn’t really an issue as people come to see me, I don’t have to win them over as much, but I do have to meet an expectation, so now I guess the mission is to try and surpass that expectation.”

Now you’re about to go out on tour. Given that there have been no live gigs for eighteen months, how ready are you for this?

“I’m gagging for it mate, and from how the last gig went so are the fans.”

The tour takes in most of Great Britain, how will you keep occupied during those many hours travelling?

“Same shit I’ve been doing since I was 14, writing songs, listening to rock and getting high occasionally. I’m gonna take my motorcycle in the back of the van out on tour as well so in between gigs I can go for rides. I’ll probably take my punch bag also to keep me sharp.”

Artwork for ’Crooked Hill’ by Cam Cole

What are the five essential things you will need to take out on the road with you?

“My foot drum, guitars, my sound system, my motorcycle and an attitude.”

In terms of music, what will be on your Spotify playlist to keep you entertained?

“I like stoner rock, metal, blues, folk and grunge. I also love Neurofunk drum ‘n’ bass so it’ll be a mixture of artists in those genres.”

As we’ve said, the tour takes is a lot of cities and towns. Which are the ones you are most looking forward to playing and why?

“I’m really looking forward to the gig at the end in Glastonbury as that’s gonna be filled with a bunch of hippies and crusties so should be an eventful night! All the gigs I’m looking forward to being honest. I don’t mind who’s in the crowd as long as they’re up for following the energy of the music and it moves them.”

Will you be doing any sightseeing while you’re on tour?

“Fuck yeah man! I’m keen for Scotland, that what’s the V-twin motorcycle is for!”

What about bucketlist places? Are there any cities, towns, venues anywhere in the world that are on your bucket list to play?

“I really want to get to the States. I wanna play in Texas, New Orleans, Nashville… all that vibe. I’ve had plans to get there that have been ruined for several years now for different reasons so I’m just keener than ever to just get there now. I don’t care if I have no gigs I’ll literally busk the fucking States if I have to.”

What is the one thing you are least looking forward to about touring?

“Dunno man. I’ve been on the road for nearly ten years now and I love it. The driving, new places, the shows, the experiences, the people I meet… it’s all good. I guess the thing I don’t like is meeting wankers along the way, but you just deal with them when it happens.”

You also had a cameo role in Ted Lasso, what TV shows will you be binge-watching while on the road?

“Dunno, I liked Vikings and got into that for a bit, and every now and then I watched Loki which was good… I don’t really watch TV that much. I get stoned and play my guitar most evenings, to be honest, I just love finding those riffs.”

Okay Cam, thanks for your time and good luck with the tour. Over to you to wrap things up?

“Thanks, man. I dunno what you want me to say now? Will cheers mate, see you in a bit do? Thanks.”

UK Tour Dates:

09/01 – Nottingham – Bodega
09/02 – Newcastle – Engine Room
09/03 – Blackpool – Bootleg Social
09/04 – Sheffield – The Greystones
09/08 – Liverpool – Jimmy’s
09/09 – Halifax – The Lantern
09/10 – Leeds – Santiago’s Bar
09/12 – Manchester – Gullivers
09/15 – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
09/17 – Glasgow – The Garage
09/21 – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s
09/23 – Bedford – Bedford Esquires
09/24 – London – Nell’s
09/26 – Bristol – Hen & Chicken
09/27 – Southampton – Joiners
09/30 – Glastonbury – The King Arthur

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