Turning the negative into the positive is a motto by which Cherice Cosentino lives her life. The Chicago native is proud to release her debut EP, Prey, under the moniker Nihilist Abyss, four songs that she has been working towards for some time that explore the deep dark parts of the human experience. Inspired by industrial rock and horror movie soundtracks, the songs do not land within any defined musical genre, instead, existing somewhere in between rock, metal, synth-pop, and electronic.

Prey was entirely a self-effort, driven completely by the fire and the desire of Cosentino, working from her home. She produced, mixed, and mastered the EP on a MacBook, an impressive feat for an artist still finding her way. The general theme of the record surrounds the idea that we all deserve to be treated and respected as individuals.

Elaborating on this idea, Cosentino said, “The overarching theme of my debut EP, Prey is really about coming around to the idea that I deserve to be treated like a human being and not like someone else’s prey. It unfolds in chronological order and explores the feeling of being trapped and feeling absolutely hopeless before it ends on a positive note with ‘Dandelions.’”

Cosentino first began writing music for Nihilist Abyss in 2017, with the defined goal of writing genreless music, with a lot of synths, lush atmospheres and textures, and a sound driven by Cosentino’s soaring, powerful voice. She has also taken a lot from her upbringing in classical music, with songs that feature layers of choir-influenced vocal harmonies that go well together with her dramatic melodies. Cosentino was born in Chicago, teaching herself piano at ten years of age, and then pursuing the flute and other classical instruments in school. Tragically, her father died while she was still in her teens, and she has also had her share of battles with mental health issues, but neither has stopped her from pursuing her dreams. It’s all contributed to broadening the emotional depth of her music, and making her a better, more well-rounded artist.

Prey Track Listing:

1. Red Flags
2. Fade to Black
3. Little Doll
4. Dandelions

Cover artwork for ‘Prey’ by Nihilist Abyss