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Major Moment Mesmerize You With Their New “The Flood: Epilogue (Reimagined)” Music Video [Premiere]



This is the remix! Actually, we should say this is the remixes, as Major Moment has hit us upside the head with their new EP The Flood: Remixed & Re-imagined. The Boston-based band teamed up with several talented music producers from around the world to help remix and reimagine their 2020 single, “The Flood.”

Today, the quartet has released the music video for “The Flood: Epilogue (Reimagined),” an engrossing affair that’s just one continuous shot of lead vocalist Sasha Razumova floating in a pool of water as she emotionally bears all. This version of the song really emphasizes Razumova’s mesmerizing vocal talent and her ability to really captivate, as you hang on her every last word.

Commenting on the idea behind doing the video, band co-founder Andrey Borzykin said, “The idea of doing a two part music video for ‘The Flood’ came literally days before we were to shoot it. We figured since we’re already building a set and drowning it, might as well shoot the music video for ‘Reimagined’ version as well. We instantly had a visual in mind, a blend of the scene from Lars von Trier’s ‘Melancholia’ and Avril Lavigne’s music video for ‘I’m With You.’

Just like in that music video, Sasha had to lip-sync to the song’s lyrics twice as fast to achieve the slow-mo smoothness, then we’d drop the frame rate from 48FPS to 24FPS, which would put it back at normal speed. We had to move very quick though, not only because Sasha was floating in ice cold water and had to keep her head above it, but we also shot that scene last, literally as the dawn was breaking, which left us with only a few minutes of suitable lighting. Luckily, one take was all it took. We’re happy to finally release this video as after the first one a lot of people were wondering what happened to Sasha’s character…”

“The Flood” has been something of a renaissance for the band. It was not only their biggest ever hit, but it also deals head-on with current events, with both timely and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s been a real hot streak for the group, ever since they were nominated for ‘Best Rock Band’ at the 2020 Boston Music Awards.

Powered by their international flair, thanks to their two Russian-born singers, Major Moment has developed a truly cinematic sound, complete with heavy riffs, layered synths, and more melody than you can handle. Part of the idea behind doing The Flood: Remixed & Re-imagined was to show the group’s incredible range and versatility. “The Flood” remixes are both vibrant and enthralling, full-on re-imaginings of an already stellar track. These different interpretations make for certain that this band is way more than a one-trick pony.

Artwork for ‘The Flood: Remixed & Re-imagined’ by The Flood