They may be young, but they are full of retro strength and spirit. Yep, it’s Detroit’s Lyons who we are talking about, and their fun, new, garage rock-themed music video for their latest number “honeydripper.” Just recent high school graduates, their knowledge and grasp of classic rock and blues is astounding, with the band heavily influenced by the sounds of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.

“honeydripper” itself is a garage punk banger that was inspired by “The Honeydripper,” a song released in 1945 song by blues singer and pianist Joe Liggins. The song is an apparent step forward for the trio, marking a transition for them towards a more sophisticated, refined sound. They wrote “honeydripper” in an effort to show what they’re made of, and that they’re not going to be cornered into any one musical genre.

Here to tell us about the song and the making of the music video is lead singer Leo who said, “I always loved that fuzzy guitar sound on old blues and R&B records (where the amp was either smashed or slashed), but I never really had a chance to tinker with it in the Lyons until ‘honeydripper’ came to me. The meaning of ‘honeydripper’ is very subjective. It can be taken as a sexual song, but to me, it really isn’t. It’s the lament for an unrequited or lost love being disguised as a satisfied declaration of freedom: a classic, ‘I may not have her but at least all these other girls get my mind off her.’ It’s truly a song about inner conflict, to me at least.

“We taped the music video in an old garage in Detroit and wanted to capture the dirty, raw sound of this iteration of the song. The visual component is a major aspect of our band. I pride myself in my appearance and the style I developed over these years, delving into rockabilly and retro style and making it my own. It is nice to at least give a taste of that in visual form, because to me music has a major visual aspect. It was directed by Josh Bacarella and filmed by him along with Ryan Hammond, both doing a stellar job. I think it is a good first taste of what is to come in the book of the Lyons.”

Some have sized up Lyons as a rockabilly revival band, or even an alternative pop band, but they shy away from such restrictive labels. Joining Leo in the band are bassist Tomcat Thompson, and drummer Jack Mackeys. For the most part, rockabilly is unfortunately a sound that has not remained relevant within the mainstream of rock music over the last few decades. Lyons has taken these cues from the prevalent rockabilly bands of the 1950s and made it more relevant for a modern audience. Musically, the guys prefer to aim their attention at more danceable melodies and hooks, rather than the distorted guitars of punk rock, or the long solos of progressive rock.

If you were looking for a fresh new band with a fresh new intensity, well, you’ve found one.

Artwork for “honeydripper” by Lyons