We’ve all seen the reaction videos to that last minute or so of “To The Hellfire,” the recent single from New Jersey blackened deathcore crew Lorna Shore. A real “shivers down the spine” moment, the single heralded the introduction of new vocalist Will Ramos to longtime fans of the band proving in those few minutes that, despite hitting some rocky waters, the group has traversed them safely.

Forming part of the three-track EP, …And I Return To Nothingness, “To The Hellfire” showcases how perfect the addition of Ramos is to the line-up. With some pretty big boots to fill, both musically and vocally, Ramos and Lorna Shore couldn’t have answered the doubters any more convincingly than they have with this EP. Taking the epic blackened deathcore blueprint that made Immortal such a devastating album, Lorna Shore has made their most sinister material to date. The black metal is more vicious, the deathcore more brutal, the musicianship more epic and, as for Ramos’ vocals, well, at times they’re almost inhuman.

As an introduction to fans, this EP couldn’t be more perfect. It may only be three tracks long but, as a taster for what is to come from the band, this all-too-brief release is a savage warning that Lorna Shore is on their way back so prepare yourself for some of the most barbaric, evil, epic sounds your ears will have heard in a long time.

…And I Return To Nothingness Track Listing:

1. …And I Return To Nothingness
2. Of The Abyss
3. To The Hellfire

Run Time: 18:03
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Record Label: Century Media Records


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