Hop in! Please join young singer-songwriter Kylie Spence for a road trip to clear that weary head of yours. Spence has released the brand new music video for her latest single “River,” an emotional song about dealing with a broken heart.

Highly relatable in nature, “River” is about all that love that you give to another person, and all that affection that they just won’t return to you anymore. They may have at one time, but now things have changed and they just don’t feel right anymore. The music video was shot across Spence’s home state of Montana, capturing some of its beautiful mountainous regions, its shining wilderness, and its small-town charm. “River” is our first taste of what’s to come on Spence’s new EP which she plans to release towards the end of the year.

Explaining her goals when it came to the song and its accompanying video, Spence commented, “For ‘River,’ I really wanted to capture what being so desperately in love with somebody feels like, especially when the feelings are no longer mutual. Sometimes, it can feel so hopeless when you love someone so much and they don’t love you the way that you love them. I think we’ve all been there, and it sucks.

“For the music video, I obviously wanted to include as much of Montana as I could since this song was so heavily inspired by nature,” she continues. “The story follows me on a journey after getting into a fight with my partner and them leaving without me. I hitchhike my way around, and have flashbacks of the relationship throughout my journey, but start to feel like I don’t need them to be happy. Towards the end of the video, I see his truck, and all of the memories come back again, and I’m back to square one in a sense. I wanted the viewer to interpret the ending in whatever way made the most sense to them. Was I chasing him the whole time, or really trying to find myself? That’s up to you.”

Spence has already come such a long way for a young woman from a small town and who is still only 20. And she’s gotten there almost entirely on her own, teaching herself how to play guitar at a young age, and then writing a song per day by grade 8. She uses songwriting as an outlet for processing her thoughts and feelings, and exorcising herself of negativity. Extremely self-aware for a young woman, Spence is very in tune with her feelings and her emotions, which lends a universal appeal to her music. You could liken her to a storyteller, with a talent for writing thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with people. Truly an artist for all ages, Spence would like nothing more than for you to connect with her not just through her art, but through her honesty.

Tour Dates:

8/21 – Helena, MT @ Helena Civic Center (w/ REO Speedwagon)
10/11 – Bozeman, MT @ The Filling Station
10/20 – Santa Ana, CA @ Find The Good Warehouse
10/22 – Pomona, CA @ The Haven
10/23 – South Pasadena, CA @ Jeweled Universe (pop-up)
10/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Hotel Café

Artwork for “River” by Kylie Spence