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Electric Blue Yonder Explore Space Folk on New Single “Escaping the Foam” [Premiere]

Together, Beth Hataway and Johnny Veres are Electric Blue Yonder, and the duo’s psychedelic folk soundscapes will leave you feeling quite gratified. Enjoy a sampling of their upcoming album ‘Mourning Sounds’ with the new single “Escaping the Foam.”



If you listen closely, you’ll hear the Mourning Sounds calling for you from the distance. We’ll tell you right now, their psychedelic folk soundscapes will leave you feeling quite gratified. With their pleasant, vocal style folk-pop, Electric Blue Yonder are reemerging from their unwanted hiatus with the new single “Escaping the Foam,” off of their brand new full-length Mourning Sounds, due for release on September 29th.

There’s a lot of imagination on this record, with odes to lighthearted ’60s psychedelia, classic country music, and mid-20th century vocal groups. Composed of Beth Hataway and Johnny Veres, the duo has conjured up their own space folk sound, inspired by the likes of Lena Hughes, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and David Bowie.

Explaining where the song stands stylistically, Hataway and Veres stated, “‘Escaping the Foam’ is the first song from the B-side of Mourning Sounds. It’s a shift in tone from our last single, ‘Lonely Child,’ a somber look into nostalgia. The listener drifts towards the psychedelic vibes of the Perfect Suite (the rest of the B side), exploring the decision to ‘swim’ rather than drifting aimlessly in the ocean currents. Mamas and the Papas-esque harmonies swirl and bubble up to the surface with a B-52’s retro surf aesthetic in delivery. It’s an empowering feeling to decide to take control over the currents of your life, and that’s what this song is all about. Step into the summer of your lifetime. Find your wave that makes it all worth swimming.”

To say the least, Hataway and Veres have had an interesting relationship. Now married, the two initially met in the summer of 2010 in their native Montgomery, Alabama, and they quickly became friends, however, Veres was set to leave and Hataway had just recently returned home. Sparks quickly started to fly and shortly before Hataway was set to leave, Veres told her he loved her, and they remained in close contact, despite the physical distance between them. That distance helped the heart grow fonder, and it also sparked their interest in travel and seeking out new ways of experiencing life. As they grew closer, they began to write songs together, and eventually, Electric Blue Yonder came about.

Their debut EP Born of the Sky dropped in 2017 and as they became more active, they added Russell Thomas Bush as a close collaborator. The duo’s debut LP Between Space and Time was released just before the pandemic began, which unfortunately pulled the plug on any touring. Now that the world is beginning to reorganize itself, Hataway and Veres are looking to expand their horizons, and turn a lot more people onto their sweet Mourning Sounds.

Mourning Sounds Track Listing:

1. Mourning Sounds
2. Awake
3. Lost At Sea (Feat. Rhetta Simone)
4. Lonely Child 03:03
5. 1000yrs
6. Into the void
7. Escaping the Foam
8. Pre Perfect (Perfect suite I)
9. Perfect (Suite II & III)
10. Rising Tides (Perfect Suite IV)

Artwork for ‘Mourning Sounds’ by Electric Blue Yonder