Crystal Drake is a soul-pop singer whose earthy vocals have been described as “refined” and “emotionally charged.” Her powerfully earnest singing borrows from gospel and soul traditions. Crystal’s songwriting is thoughtful, grounded, and moving. “We all need a little push to believe, to appreciate, to listen, and to love.” Her soulful voice nudges us to feel and remember that we are divine. Drake’s new single, “Deep” is a pumping exploration of the authenticity that emerges when external pressures quiet and ever-looming “FOMO” stops being the loudest voice in the room.

Inspired during a pandemic through resilient conversation with her makeup clients, Drake decided to go deep. “People had the time, space and inclination to pick-up abandoned interests, they reported visiting digitally with completely different groups of friends, decompressed from the grind of their daily lives, and sat with who they truly wanted to be.” Drake describes “Deep” as colourful, whimsical, but also tentative‒as one might imagine exploring inner territory would feel.

With comparisons to Adele, Massive Attack, and Eartha Kitt, the artists serve as a blueprint for Drake. Drake uses Adele’s crooning and songwriting as an analogy to her craft. In the words of Drake as “more aspirational than alike,” Massive Attack is the affair Drake aims to achieve when making her shows experiences. Eartha Kitt serves as an example of the cabaret quality you get from Drake due to years of doing smaller, intimate performances.

Drake identifies as a female Chicagoan born into a Catholic, Eastern-European family. Influenced by her mom, who is also a singer, Drake was singing on stages by the age of six and recording in the studio by age 12. “Religious, ethereal and ritualistic themes run through all my songs both lyrically and melodically.” A continuing theme in Drake’s music is the intersection of mortality and divinity in the human experience. She feels she serves as an authority of bridging those worlds for her audience, leaving a sad, dense residue to her music. Drake is working on implementing a lighter resonance to her sound.

Cover art for “Deep” by Crystal Drake

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