Given the state of the world at the moment, the release of an album like Happier by pop-punk quartet As December Falls couldn’t be better timed. Bouncy, singalong anthems are the order of the day here and, having been fine-tuning their sound since 2014, Happier is the sound of a band who have well and truly hit their groove.

Of course, it would be easy to throw out Paramore comparisons and, while there are similarities to the American rock superstars at their peak, it would be a lazy comparison to make. Happier is a massive album, full of quality pop-punk songs which, in the case of tracks like “H.N.A.” and “I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great,” could easily stand their own against the big-hitters of the 00’s pop-punk scene. Delicious melodies, huge choruses, stacks of energy, As December Falls have packed it all into Happier with the end result being a record packed full of three-minute arena-sized anthems like “Tears.”

This is before we’ve even looked at the powerhouse vocals of Bethany Hunter. Delving into personal issues, mental health issues, anxiety, Hunter’s performance is flawless throughout Happier. From belting out the big arena fillers like “Over It” to her absolutely stunning performance on the heartwrenching title track, Hunter doesn’t put a foot wrong anywhere on Happier much like the rest of her bandmates.

In 2021, live music is returning and people need it more than ever. Festivals are returning, clubs will soon be packed out again and music fans couldn’t be more ready. Armed with Happier, As December Falls have the perfect soundtrack for all of that so, if you’re looking for a release full of songs you can sing away the last eighteen months to, Happier is probably the one for you.

Happier Track Listing:

1. Afterglow
2. Over It
3. You Say When
4. I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great
5. Nothing On You
6. H.N.A.
7. Happier
8. Tears
9. Fake Company
10. All Of This Is Over
11. One Last Song

Run Time: 36:06
Release Date: August 6, 2021
Record Label: Self-Release


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