Vancouver duo Amazing Grave has unveiled their debut single, “Dog Chained to Dog,” and it’s a doozy! Consisting of Eric Breitenbach of Limblifter and New Age Doom fame, and Kevvy Maher from Fake Shark, the pair deliver a dense, heavy noise rock/metal sound that’s best heard loud.

The pair says they’d rather be “heavy in groove, beats, screams and sarcasm. Imagine dark-humour comedian Anthony Jeselnik fronting Death Grips.”

Describing the project Maher explains, “Eric and I are always experimenting with different ways to make music that intrigues us, which after years of bands, is not easy to do. I’m not the type of person to pick up an acoustic guitar and write a song, I’m a producer, so there needs to be some overall concept that’s exciting enough for me to finish a song. Eric recorded a drum track in surround sound, and added this Doppler effect and it was so mesmerizing, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and added trance chords to it. I thought it’d be unique to do a heavy song, with screamed political vocals over trance chords, and we took it from there.” While their pedigree as Canadian music makers speaks for itself, Kevvy Maher, who has also written on multiple Carly Rae Jepsen albums, adds “Amazing Grave is the antithesis to these things.”

Want another manner in which to classify the duo’s sound? Well, Kevvy Maher says, “The band sounds like: Ho9909, Death Grips, Royal Blood and Tyler, the Creator.”

Artwork for ‘Dog Chained To Dog’ by Amazing Grave

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