London singer-songwriter YAZ released an uplifting debut EP, Letter From the Stars, perfect for a fresh summer start, on July 2nd. The project is an easy, casual listen for fans of all genres, but it especially resonates with those looking to explore lyrical depth. “Living with love” has been a major message that YAZ strives to consistently characterize in himself as well as his music. The lead single off the EP, “Monday,” released on May 28th and oozes emotions from a special night with friends. “We all have those memories that just give us goosebumps,” says YAZ. That night still gives him goosebumps to this day, and that experience is one that listeners can relate to far and wide.

YAZ wrote the project during lockdown to promote growth, wellbeing, and happiness. After observing how the world began to suffer with negativity due to the pandemic’s effects, YAZ set out to use music as a relief. “Bumper Cars” focuses on mental health with a message that is deeply personal to the artist. “It was a way for me personally to remember the tools that I learned to manage my anxiety,” says YAZ. He continues the EP by floating around the idea of never feeling lost – it’s up to the individual to take control of their day and their perception of their life. The title of the EP signifies sitting on the moon within the stars to escape our wild and overwhelming world. Sitting in this place, according to YAZ, allows him to look inside himself and focus on appreciating who he is and what he has.

“These songs are to let the listener know that they should embrace who they are no matter what, and that if they have the energy to think negatively about themself, then they surely have the energy to do the opposite and show themself all the love in the world.” -YAZ

Cover art for ‘Letter From the Stars’ by Yaz