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Velvet Chains Unveil “Tattooed” feat. a Searing Solo by Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses [Premiere]

Featuring the bluster and swagger of classic ’80s hard rock, the new Velvet Chains song “Tattooed” discusses pain and how we try to deal with it. Heating things up, even more, is the guest solo from guitarist Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses fame.



Things are a little tense with Velvet Chains and their brand new single “Tattooed.” Featuring the bluster and swagger of classic ’80s hard rock, the song discusses pain and how we try to deal with it. It’s primarily centred around the main lyric of “masking the pain with greater pain,” suggesting that the only way to dumb down the pain is to shovel some more pain right on top of it. You can really feel the urgency, not only within the lyrics but also within the tone and intensity of the guitars and drums.

Along for the ride on this one is guitarist Richard Fortus, who provides much of that intensity with a scorching guitar solo that really pushes this track over the edge. Fortus has had an unparalleled career in rock n’ roll, providing his guitar playing expertise for Guns N’ Roses continuously since 2002. He’s also a former member of Thin Lizzy, and The Dead Daisies, and has worked extensively with Richard Butler, frontman for The Psychedelic Furs.

Elaborating on the new single, lead singer Jerry Quinlan told us, “Tattooed was written by Nils Goldschmidt and Drew Lawrence. It talks about dealing with extremes within relationships and masking the pain caused by this. We were able to get Richard Fortus to collaborate with us by recording the lead guitar parts for this song, which are pretty much epic.”

The song is off of Velvet Chains’ forthcoming new album Icarus, which is due out on September 24th. Highly influenced by the ’90s grunge and 2000s alternative, the band was formed in Las Vegas in 2018 by bassist Nils Goldschmidt. After committing himself to form a new group, Nils went out to recruit as many heavy hitters as he could find, which led to recruiting drummer Noelle Schertzer, guitarist Laurent Cassiano, and of course lead singer Jerry Quinlan. Featuring a high octane sound, their ambition as a band is to be a truly explosive live act. Their heavy riffs, blasting beats, and towering vocals are well-suited for the arena rock sound that they have become known for. Icarus will be a ten-song journey through the best of heavy rock, grunge, and punk, with that classic ’80s passion.

With the album soon here, it’s nice to know that the rock n’ roll torch is being carried confidently into the future.

Icarus Track Listing:

1. Before We Shine
2. Burning City
3. Tattooed
4. Pass The Disease
5. Wasted
6. Strangelove
7. Flexing
8. Sex Slave
9. Teenage Stoner
10. Gone

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