Depending on your experiences and/or point of view, getting divorced might just be one of the most celebratory times of your life. It’s okay, you can agree. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and an annulment just might be in everybody’s best interest.

Alternative rockers Red River Hymn have taken this more jubilant approach to breaking up with their latest single “Divorce Party,” which comes ahead of the release of their new EP, Oakview, coming in September. Featuring infectious guitar riffs, and a classic alternative sound, the song is a breakup anthem that chooses to look on the bright side. There’s a lot to feel bad about in these instances, but what about the good things that can come from a reorganization of your personal life? “Divorce Party” encourages you to wrap your arms around this freedom and make something good of it.

Explaining the inspirations behind the song, frontman Patton Hughes told us, “‘Divorce Party’ was initially inspired by Russell Crowe’s announcement to host a huge, celebratory divorce party where he auctioned off all of this movie memorabilia. Finding the idea a bit humorous, we also found it very liberating. We knew a lot of people going through divorces/bad breakups at the time and took their stories and experiences and morphed them into this kind of celebratory breakup song. Separation, in almost any situation, is hard, but why not try to find the silver-lining? We try to channel both the good and the bad through the lyrics and the tone of the music; a big danceable, yet moody, rock song.”

The band recently completely the recording process for Oakview, which will be a collection of songs dedicated to the highs and lows of your late 20s. It’s a time of encouraging growth, but it can also be an awkward era of life that brings a lot of challenges. Formed in 2016, the group was named after Arkansas’ Little Red River. Hughes decided to leave his former label in Nashville and form a band that was more suited to the alternative rock sound he was seeking to craft. By the following year, Red River Hymn was recording their debut album Kudzu, which came out in 2017.

hey describe their sound as “sad southern rock,” featuring a sound inspired by Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., and The Replacements. Riding the wave of momentum that has come from Oakview, the band already has their next full-length in the bag, and set to be released on September 24th. Even if it doesn’t seem right, there’s lots to feel good about, even if you’re getting divorced. Red River Hymn couldn’t be happier than to provide the soundtrack to your annulment.

Artwork for “Divorce Party” Red River Hymn