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Holster that “Attitude” and Watch American Terror’s New Music Video [Premiere]



It’s not as if it’s anything new, but as a society, we seem to be dealing with a lot more “Attitude” these days. Whatever you want to blame it on (social media, dishonest politicians, racial, and social divisiveness) we got too much attitude to go around. With the tumultuous times in which we live, it feels like it’s about the right time for someone to stand up for us, and raise a big middle finger to those who have been giving us problems.

Fortunately, we got American Terror to stand up for us, with their aggressive new single and intense new music video for “Attitude.” Combining a classic ’80s metal sound, with a more modern day punk rock combativeness, the band rocks it about a hundred miles an hour on this one. The group features both Brad Cox from Grayson Manor on lead vocals, and Rob Hammersmith from Skid Row on drums, so you know that what you see is what you get with this audacious quartet.

Speaking on “Attitude,” and what it means to him, lead singer Brad Cox said, “The song was written and recorded during COVID lockdown. Between racial, class and political tensions and not to mention police issues, it felt like the world was going mad and everyone is all the sudden turning on each other.

So, basically, I am trying to say I don’t need your bullshit when I am trying to live my life and treat all equal. Black, white, Republican, Democrat, gay, straight or whatever you identify with. I don’t care. I never saw anyone as different, so why assume I do when you don’t know me. People are asking not to be judged, but they judge you if you don’t speak up or out about it. So I’m sick of the ‘Attitude.’”

American Terror have only been together now about two and a half years, and despite the pandemic royally fucking up their plans, they have still managed to build a solid following. They released their debut album, Influencer in May 2020, which included the popular singles “Judgement” and “She’s A Bitch.” “Judgement” received particular attention, in part due to its genre defying remix, which featured the renowned rap star Sticky Fingaz of Onyx. “She’s A Bitch” features a guest appearance by Krizz Kaliko, one of Kansas City’s most treasured hip hop products. In the face of the music industry shutdown, the band has surprisingly built up a ton of momentum over the last year, which they directed all towards finetuning their sound and writing new material. With this shit show of a year behind us, it feels like it’s about the right time for some American Terror.

Artwork for “Attitude” by American Terror