You know before you’ve even hit play on Onward To Glory that you will be left feeling like your head has been stamped on by the time this eight-track effort has finished. Comprising of Psycroptic vocalist Jason Peppiatt with drummer/Pyscroptic bandmate Joe Haley alongside him, Domination Campaign came to life during the 2020 lockdown and has been described by Peppiat as “bone basic.”

Thundering into the opener, “Death Before Dishonour,” there probably isn’t a better way than Peppiat’s description to describe the route one, no-nonsense brutality this pair have created during lockdown. They don’t try and fancy it up with anything techy or jazzy, it’s just heads-down death metal done the old-school way.

Much like the battles that give Peppriat his lyrical inspiration, each track is a brutal effort. Pummellingly heavy but with the kind of wonderful groove that will get your head nodding instantly, offerings like the title track and the absolutely crushing “The Snipers Gaze” are clinical in their delivery. Taking the route-one, nothing gets in their way approach, the two bandmates have delivered an unrelenting death metal onslaught that will truly leave little in its wake other than utter devastation.

Weaving intricate little effects into their music, as “Terror From Above” thunders into view unleashing a wall of death metal punishment, you will surely have accepted that surrender is the only option before “The Domination Campaign” crushes whatever resistance you may have left under its mighty death metal fist. Twenty-nine minutes later, the battle is over left behind and, as Domination Campaign roll unstoppably onto their next battle, they leave behind them nothing but a trail of devastation and sore neck muscles.

Onward To Glory Track Listing:

1. Death Before Dishonour
2. Onward To Glory
3. As Daylight Breaks
4. The Snipers Gaze
5. A Modern Age of War
6. Against The Odds
7. Terror From Above
8. The Domination Campaign

Run Time: 29:50
Release Date: July 9, 2021
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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