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Christine Sako Feels “Seasoned” After Relationship Trials – New Synth-Pop Single



Indie synth-pop artist Christine Sako unveiled a fresh chapter of her music career with her new single “Seasoned” on June 25. Written and recorded by Sako, the single is about the early stages of a relationship when one can feel the urge to give a large portion of themself to their partner while the other person still has their guard up. “It is about willingness and patience and wanting nothing more than for the other person to feel comfortable and eventually arrive on the same page,” says Sako.

As many dating people know, the trials of getting to know someone new can get repetitive and begin to feel like clockwork. The cyclical nature of this process can lead to the death of the relationship, or in some cases, push the couple to a new level of understanding and enlightened romance. Rather than abandoning the relationship feeling tired and defeated, Sako is using the single to explain how a person can actually grow from the challenging experience and become “seasoned” rather than weathered.

“I can wait the season out this time,” she sings as she explains her newfound strategy for helping her partner through their initial apprehension. By seeing the situation as a phase rather than a permanent trait, Sako is able to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Known for peeling back the layers of everyday problems and human experiences, Sako is a master at uncovering the depths of life while keeping her music captivating and one-of-a-kind. Layered with gorgeous harmonies and bright instruments, “Seasoned” showcases Sako’s strong writing and overall musical imaginativeness.

Cover art for “Seasoned” by Christine Sako