Pleasant remembrances, fond memories, sentimentalities… The good old days! It all goes a long way towards moving us forward in life, getting ourselves to the next day and maintaining maybe just a hint of sanity along the way! The charismatic and talented singer, songwriter, and performer jeremyneither is playing right off of these themes in his brand new music video for “Cassette Tapes and Neon Signs.” With its dynamic colour palette and old-school roller derby party setting, this is an energetic affair that feels very retro, with the type of carefreeness that we could all use a good shot of.

As the title of the song suggests, “Cassette Tapes and Neon Signs” implies that you can take what you loved about your past experiences, inject them into your current existence, and whatever else about the past you weren’t fond of, you can just dispose of. That story is visually reflected within the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s aesthetics evident throughout the video.

Explaining to us how the video became such a retro and nostalgic affair, jeremyneither shares, “This video was generated by synchronicity. I kept running into people who roller-skated, wanted to do it in a music video, were already involved in the film industry, wanted to make a retro music video, or some combination of the above, and I am so grateful to have had such an incredible crew to work with on my directorial debut.

“Nostalgia turned out to be the perfect vehicle to capture the song’s message, that you can take your favourite touchstones of the past, whether personal or cultural, and bring them into a new future while discarding those that do not serve.

“It is so easy to get stuck in the past, at least for me. This song and video were my catharsis as I walked the line of letting go of old patterns while holding onto memories I truly loved. I hope it makes those of my generation living in the tension between vintage aesthetics and progressive values feel seen.”

Borrowing from the past and infusing it into our present is a common theme that has found its way through jeremyneither’s new EP, NEITHERWORLD. Released on March 26th, the theme of the singles is that pain and loneliness can eventually lead back to healthy relationships and authenticity. Previous single “Demons” suggests we look to our vices as teachers to learn from, rather than enemies to be fought and avoided. Based in Los Angeles, jeremyneither has taken a multimedia approach to his artistry. He is intent on constructing an audiovisual world of raw honesty, mindfulness, and activism, all cornerstones of this new set of six songs. He has become well known within the Southeastern United States and has previously had the honour of opening for James Supercave.

As we all rebound from lost time, jeremyneither has got the right idea to learn from our pasts to better our futures.


1. Demons
2. Among the Humans
3. I Can’t Believe (spoken word)
4. You’re Making Me
5. Find (spoken word)
6. Cassette Tapes and Neon Signs

Artwork for ‘neitherworld’ by jeremyneither

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