Featuring themes of unity, loss, despair, love, anger, faith, regret, hopelessness, and discord, the next single to come from El Misti’s forthcoming album All Is Lost is the core track that inspired the album’s title.

Doom-laden, peaceful Hammond organ whirls around apocalyptic lyrical themes. The steady, lilting rhythm gives almost the feeling of a calm inevitability. Featuring spiritual guitars, soothing harmonies, and brooding brass, “All Is Lost and Hope Is Gone” hints at catastrophe and homesteading. Check out our premiere of the track just below.

“I wanted this song to sound almost like a prayer, or even a eulogy. That’s what I heard when I was writing it. My friend and incredible musician Adrian Gautrey plays the Hammond organ on this, and we made the decision to start with just that and the voice. It sounds stark and lonely. Lead guitarist Kieran Gilchrist really read that mood with his solo, it sounds pretty spiritual. I think sonically, a nice contrast with the lyrics is the uplifting end section.

“All credit to producer and bassist Rory Ballantyne, who also plays the brass, for the actual sound. Phil Steven’s on Drums, Lee Shone on piano, Laura Bentley and Harriet Riley on backing vocals, with myself on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. This one felt very important whilst we were recording it, and it’s probably my favourite song on our new album ‘All is Lost’, out July 26th.”

Artwork for ‘All Is Lost and Hope Is Gone’ by El Misti

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