Whatever happened to the old-fashioned romantic? You know, the guy who, no matter how ridiculous he looked and how out of character it seemed, would go all-out trying to give his date the most enjoyable, romantic evening he possibly could. In an attempt to impress, he’d get all dressed up, bring flowers and candy, and open each door he and his date encountered, but even with all of that effort, he just couldn’t cut it.

Well, Crumbsnatchers’ new music video for “One Call” hones in exactly on the adventures of the hopeless romantic, as you get to observe lead singer SamuelGuettsGuetterman bumbling his way around, while singing his heart out, in his baby blue suit and bow tie. The video is a call to perseverance; when you get knocked out, dust yourself off and get back up. You’ll be able to find “One Call,” which drops on July 2nd, on an upcoming EP that the band is working on, set to be released this fall via Like You Mean It Records.

Regarding the single, frontman Gutterman shares, “It’s a classic love lost song. I was inspired by late-’70s/early ’80s synth tones, and had the privilege of using an old Roland drum machine from the ’60s to really capture that sound.”

Adding more colour about the Casey Pierce-directed video, Gutterman recounts, “After getting out of surgery, I had to call up Casey and be like ‘We have to change the concept of the video’ . . . The new concept was made to portray the physical pains of heartbreak.”

The new EP will be the follow-up to the band’s debut album, Big House. Guetterman formed the group in Knoxville, Tennessee, with guitarist Philip Mosteller, bassist Sam Burchfield, and drummer Rylan Bledsoe. Tragically, Bledsoe passed away last summer, but in his time in the band, he left behind a significant influence on how the members go about writing songs. While Bledsoe remains greatly missed, Ethan Maus has more than capably filled in as his replacement, which has helped the foursome find the motivation to carry on. There’s a certain wit and eccentric element to their music, which helps it resonate with you as the listener. It’s a quality similar to what endeared bands such as Talking Heads and The Pixies to so many millions of people.

Thankfully, live music is back, and Crumbsnatchers are helping to get the 4th of July party started early, this Friday, July 2nd on the rooftop of The Fairlane Hotel in Nashville. For details and tickets, you can visit Eventbrite, but you can expect a rocking good time, with music from Crumbsnatchers, as well as Heaven Honey, and a late-night dance party featuring music from Drama Club.

Go witness the hysteria yourself, just don’t forget your soft-coloured suit, nicely coiffed moustache, and bow tie!

Artwork for “One Call” by Crumbsnatchers