Who’s had enough of this lockdown crap? Who’s ready to hit the ground running? You may be wondering why we just asked two of the most self-evident questions ever, but it’s all in the spirit of rock n’ roll and hitting the scene again. Leading the way is classic hard rockers Crash Midnight and their brand-new single “Nothin’ To Lose.”

This is a very significant time for the band, not just because of the new song, but because they just had the honours of helping to reopen downtown Las Vegas with back-to-back sold out shows, the first major rock concerts to occur in the wildest city in America in over a year. It’s only fitting that a band with the swagger of Crash Midnight did the honours, and “Nothin’ To Lose” is emblematic of that swagger, a song dripping with attitude.

The song is an account of Crash Midnight’s rise from the Boston indie rock scene, to headlining Las Vegas act. You can hear that influence of the late nights spent in dingy clubs, of a band determined to rock out, whether it’s for five or 500 people. They may have found great success now, but the quintet still maintain an us against the world mentality, a state of mind that keeps them focused and motivated.

Explaining the band’s point of view behind “Nothin’ To Lose,” lead singer Shaun Soho said, “This track feels like the perfect sentiment coming out of the past year. I think we all felt really handcuffed by these shutdowns, and now it’s like we’re coming out guns blazing to full capacity crowds. Not being able to play real shows got us thinking, or maybe taking stock I guess, of everything we’ve been through from those early days in the smaller clubs in Boston up to our move to Las Vegas and starting to play the big rooms out here. ‘Nothin’ To Lose’ pays some homage to that, not necessarily in a straightforward story telling of that journey, but more like some snapshots of our mentality during those different times. We tried to distil that into the vibe of the song and the lyrics, kind of roll it all together into something that felt like it captured the mind set of this band over the years.”

Formed by Soho and lead guitarist Alex Donaldson, Crash Midnight live and die by their onslaught of vintage guitars, furious drums, and blistering vocals. Relocating to Las Vegas in 2018 has been the best decision the band has ever made, with them now the highest drawing independent rock group in the city. They’re so Vegas that they have even partnered with the downtown bar Corduroy to create a Crash Midnight cocktail named the Smash Midnight Blackout. Featuring an elevated jet black whiskey smash served in a skull mason jar, the drink is named in honour of their upcoming single “Blackout.”

Rock n’ roll is back! And we’re fortunate to have Crash Midnight leading the way.

Artwork for “Nothin’ To Lose” by Crash Midnight