Soulful singer-songwriter Emily Curtis is coming to fans with a new single, “Sandcastles,” full of James Taylor-esque nostalgia, just released on May 21. Premiering on American Songwriter, the single “sculpts the futility of life and dream-chasing with delicacy and beauty” (American Songwriter). Produced by Micah Nichols (touring guitarist for NEEDTOBREATHE and writing credit with JohnnySwim), “Sandcastles”  lyrically explores a poetic contrast between childhood and adulthood – creating for the joy of it versus creating for success and social status. Utilizing moody acoustic riffs and melodic swells that only Curtis’ smooth vocals could appropriately achieve, the singer-songwriter paints a picture of Charleston beaches and warns herself of where she doesn’t want to end up.

Emily Curtis found inspiration in her own childhood, the joy of creating and building sandcastles, simply because it was fun. Reflecting on those moments of joy, and remembering what it was like to look at the houses lining the beach, Curtis always found herself saying “those are adult sandcastles” and wondering “if the people who own them ever actually enjoy them? Are they happy?”

“Sandcastles” witnesses Curtis and her fellow artists lose themselves and their pure motivation in the race to the top. The single witnesses that loss of the real joy of building and creating and tries to remind the listener that oftentimes, this joy is found in the process, “in becoming, in learning and trying and starting over, in working with good people, in watching other people succeed, or taking a break for a little while to enjoy what someone else made.”

Curtis notes that she never wants to wonder why she ever bothered building and striving for her next achievement when everything inevitably fades away. Written to remind herself, and us, to remember the “why” behind our building, creating, and striving, “Sandcastles” is an emotional tribute to childlike wonder and joy.

Cover art for “Sandcastles” by Emily Curtis

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