There’s more than just blood rushing through the veins of Dez Money. More prominently, there’s music running through there too, handed down to him by the lineage of rock n’ roll royalty from which he comes. As one of the sons of the late, great, and legendary Eddie Money, Dez has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and dedicate his talents to a career as a songwriter and a recording artist.

He has used his time in quarantine wisely, recording a bunch of brand new songs, including his latest, the breezy-sounding “Trippin.” The follow-up single to the recently released “Lost,” “Trippin” was inspired after Dez went to see a Slightly Stoopid show. On a break from playing his own shows, he felt the need to open his mind up to other music, which brought him to the Slightly Stoopid gig. It was there where it dawned on him that he wanted to write a more lighthearted song that had a chilled vibe and would sound perfect while lounging at a beach.

“The meaning of the song I wanted to leave open to interpretation for the listener,” Dez said in reference to “Trippin.” “It could be about whatever you want it to be. Love in itself can be intoxicating and you can get high off the feeling. Both the song and video are very Beatles-inspired. My family has always been big Beatles fans. In fact, I am named after the Beatles song, ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ and my middle name is Lennon. For the music video, I wanted to have an animation style similar to the Yellow Submarine movie. It’s a psychedelic experience.”

As the song progresses throughout, I added to the buildup with the use of background vocals and strings. What I love about this song is how it changes throughout. It starts off with just acoustic, vocals, and strings. As the song goes on, I added in more layers of instruments with synths, electric guitars, drums, and bass to give the listener a full band experience at the end of the song. I think it’s important when creating a song to introduce new sonic information as the song builds to tell a story and this song does just that. Hope you enjoy!”

Raised in Los Angeles, Dez is one of five children. You won’t be the least bit surprised to know that he was raised in a very musical family, with Eddie constantly writing, recording, and touring throughout Dez’s youth. Growing up with such a strong musical force in his life, it was only natural that Dez would pursue music himself, whether that would be just for fun, or as a professional musician himself. As a youngster, he learned piano, guitar, bass, drums, and synth, which has helped him become a very diverse and versatile songwriter.

Dez and his siblings began touring with their father in 2015, right around the time Dez released his debut album Take Me Down. In fact, they served as both the opening act and Eddie’s backing band until his untimely death in September 2019, with Dez providing vocals and lead guitar. Last year, Dez released his sophomore album, Blue, and kept on writing and recording throughout the rest of the year. With his musical career really starting to take off, Dez is keeping the spirit and the character of the Money name alive and flourishing.

Artwork for “Trippin” by Dez Money