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Crashing Wayward Shine Brightly on Their “Disco Kills” Music Video [Premiere]



As they continue to proceed writing and recording new music, Crashing Wayward has hit us with a treat… the music video for their hard-pounding new single “Disco Kills.” Featuring the band rocking it in what appears to be a rundown, old rehearsal space, the guys light a torch to this song, with their intense, brawny performance that emphasizes what a crowd pleaser this would be in front of a live audience.

“Disco Kills” comes as part of some new material that the band is currently working on with Mike Gillies, renowned for his lengthy relationship with Metallica as one of their go-to engineers. The recording has been happening at super-producer Kevin Churko’s (Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch) The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas, a place where many a hit record has been fleshed out.

Each member of Crashing Wayward had their own thoughts regarding “Disco Kills,” with guitarist David Harris stating, “‘Disco Kills’ has one of my favourite riffs I’ve written and it has a huge hook. The whole band really gave their all when working on it. I feel like everyone gets a moment to shine on this track and I can’t wait to play it live.”

Lead singer Pete Summit said, “‘Disco Kills’ lyrically is about the abuse of power, rhetoric, and the division it creates. Disco being the metaphor for the never-ending party one can create for themselves abusing that platform while voices from the outside are not being heard. It was written with innuendos portraying the divide of the late ‘70s rock and disco movements, but its true meaning is the current divide we are living with day to day.”

Bassist Carl Raether added, “‘Disco Kills’ musically is a big Dave riff, followed by another, then a big chorus. The message is pretty important too. Pete really tapped into something with a lot of depth on this one. This song doesn’t let up, it’s gonna be a fun one to play for an audience.”

Finally, guitarist Stacey Blades said, “‘Disco Kills’ is like a punch in the face! It’s got an old-school vibe riff with a massive modern edge to it!”

Hailing from Las Vegas, Crashing Wayward rose out of the ashes of the dissolution of Electric Radio Kings, a successful alternative rock act that scored a top 30 Billboard Mainstream hit with “Back To Black.” Unfortunately, the band fell apart, but Blades was intent on carrying on, which led to the formation of Crashing Wayward. Their accessible, mainstream sound could be capably compared to the appeal of Stone Temple Pilots or Royal Blood.

Frontman Peter Summit possesses all the on-stage charisma you could ask for in a singer, with his vocals and stage presence greatly influenced by Freddie Mercury, Bono, Dave Gahan, and David Bowie, among others. This live presence, along with their cohesive songwriting makes Crashing Wayward a very appealing act, to a very wide demographic of rock fans.

Despite the disintegration of Electric Radio Kings, it’s all coming together quite nicely for Blades, and Crashing Wayward.

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