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“Choose Wisely” and Stream Frame 42’s New Vintage Rock Single [Premiere]



You chose wisely today, visiting this webpage you’re on right now to check out the latest single from a very exciting vintage rock outfit. The outfit in question is Frame 42, and their latest single “Choose Wisely,” a song that pretty much encapsulates everything this band is about. From the classic melodies and guitars to the ‘70s style folksy vocals, “Choose Wisely” would serve as an ideal introduction to what Frame 42 is all about.

They are a group of purveyors of the classic, ‘70s rock sound and vibe, revitalizers of a time in rock history where every band seemed to be (and turned out to be) legendary. The song, off of the forthcoming Undercroft EP, due out June 11th, focuses on toxic relationships and the redemption that can come from them, especially for people who tend to attract others who need “fixing.” Musically, it may remind you of Fleetwood Mac or Heart, rock with strong folk roots that can’t help but speak to you.

To tell us more about the song, the band said, “‘Choose Wisely’ is a song about how the person always tends to attract people that need to be fixed but in the end they find out they can’t always help those who don’t want to be helped. It’s about someone the person thought they could trust but in turn will always have their ways of manipulation and the song is a sort of a journey of their attempted redemption.

One interesting fact is that Toby (Wright), the producer, made sure the guys (musicians) were fed a big ole supper to help them pace themselves with a more chill vibe while playing. It’s also the only song featuring fretless bass. They got the 12-string sound in the intro by overlapping the standard acoustic with a guitar with Nashville strings.”

The producer in question that the band is referring to is Toby Wright, a Grammy-winning producer, who has worked with legendary acts such as Metallica, Kiss, Heart, and Alice In Chains. Wright was really instrumental in the band harnessing that ‘70s sound while not just sounding like an act trying to recreate an era gone by. Hailing from the small Michigan city of Lapeer, Frame 42 has been playing together for four years, and in that time their primary focus has been on songwriting and musicianship, two characteristics of modern music that are not as valued as they once were. The foundation of the band is centred around the dual vocal attack of Ava Morris and Arianna Smith. Defined by complex harmonies and dynamic vocal arrangements, Frame 42 comes as a refreshing break from a lot of the noise and commotion of many other modern acts.

Artwork for ‘Undercroft’ by Frame 42

Upcoming Tour Dates:

05/15 – Save Our Stages @ The Diesel Concert Lounge – New Baltimore, MI
06/05 – Up North Grill – Kalkaska, MI
06/11 – EP Release Party @ The Diesel Concert Lounge – New Baltimore, MI
07/03 – Moose Lodge – Fenton, MI
07/10 – Fire & Ice, Pat Benatar Tribute @ The Vault Saginaw – Saginaw, MI
07/11 – The Diesel Concert Lounge – New Baltimore, MI (w/ LA Guns)
07/13 – Imlay City Summer Session Concert – Imlay City, MI
07/17 – Krystal Lake Campground – Vassar, MI
07/20 – Diesel Party with Jonah @ Diesel Concert Lounge – New Baltimore, MI
08/07 – The Token Lounge – Westland, MI (w/ Trapt)
10/01 – The Diesel Concert Lounge – New Baltimore, MI (w/ Steven Adler)

Undercroft Track Listing:

1. Bittersweet
2. Intervention
3. The Middle
4. Choose Wisely
5. Crawling Out
6. Release
7. Paranoia

Artwork for “Intervention” by Frame 42