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UK Synthwave Artist I Am Boleyn Talks Crazy Travel Experiences, Holiday Playlists, and New EP ‘Paris to Boleyn’

UK synthwave artist I Am Boleyn takes us on a journey from ‘Paris to Boleyn’ as we discuss her new EP, and favourite travel stories.



She named herself after English Queen Ann Boleyn and has a love of travel. Meet I Am Boleyn, a synthwave artist from the UK who has just released her new EP, Paris to Boleyn. Following the release of the EP, V13 had a chat with I Am Boleyn about her musical influences, her love of travel, and her favourite travel stories.

Thanks for your time today, how is life treating you?

I Am Boleyn: “Thanks for having me! All good, the weather is brightening up in England which is nice and it feels like we might be able to have a proper Summer this year, fingers crossed!”

Your new EP is out now. For those of our readers who don’t know you, could you tell us a bit about yourself and the EP?

“I’m a synthwave artist and singer from the UK, I chose the name I Am Boleyn after the English Queen Anne Boleyn who I was fascinated by as a teenager. The EP is called Paris to Boleyn and has seven tracks, the name is inspired by the third track, a cover of the Infernal hit ‘Paris to Berlin’.”

You split your time between London and Stockholm, what do you love and dislike about each city?

“I love the size of London, all the amazingly different areas, all the things to do. That is probably also my only dislike – it takes ages to get from one side to the other! Stockholm is such a special city, I love all the cafes and friendly people. The summer is magical! The only dislike would be the darkness in winter.”

Is travel important to you and, if so, where is on your bucket list to visit?

“Oh wow – Yes, I love to travel. I would love to explore so many places; Brazil, Kenya, Japan – there are so many amazing places to visit!”

You’ve travelled quite a bit throughout your life, which place has had the biggest impact on you and how?

“I was 18 when I went to New York for the first time, I was so blown away by the energy and possibilities. And I went to Myanmar to visit my brother a few years ago. That is a beautiful country, it’s so sad what is happening there now.”

Throughout all your travels, where have you had your craziest experiences?

“When I was in India, my best friends and I, we had some incredible experiences – it is such a colourful and exciting country. We saw tigers, ended up at a huge wedding, saw Sufi singers in the desert. If you want an adventure – that’s the place to go!”

Artwork for ‘Paris to Boleyn’ by I Am Boleyn

What do you remember about travelling as a child? Holidays, trips abroad that kind of thing?

“We went to the South of France with my cousins, it was so lovely. Cycling in the morning to the Boulangerie to collect yummy bread for breakfast.”

Could you tell us how you ended up in music then and not following a career that is travel-related?

“I always wanted to sing, My parents played a lot of music when I was younger and I was in bands at school.”

Who have been your biggest influences on you musically?

“I love Stevie Nicks – she is such an honest artist. Florence and the Machine and Lana del Rey are big influences also, l loved both of their debut albums.”

Your sound is quite diverse, what music is on your playlist when you go travelling?

“I make lots of playlists for travel! I have one for LA, for Stockholm – for train journeys and planes. My taste is quite eclectic – playlists have Lykke Li and Swim Deep to Tycho.”

Given that we’ve not been able to travel far over the last twelve months, how frustrating has that been for you?

“I definitely miss it a lot. I think that we must all be so looking forward to seeing our friends abroad and exploring the world again.”

The EP is out, what does the rest of 2021 hold in store for you?

“I am looking forward to getting to Sweden to do some writing in the summer and so so looking forward to being able to gig again!”

Thanks for your time, over to you for the final words…

“Thank you! It has been great to re-live some of my favourite travelling experiences! I might go and book a flight somewhere now…”

Paris to Boleyn is out now and you can pick up your copy here.

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