English singer-songwriter Rab McGowan delivers honest rock music with emphatic dedication and a no-frills attitude. It’s to the point and doesn’t pull any punches; it’s just a dude making good ol’ rockin’ tunes. With the Wake Up EP and a two-track release of “We Were Young” in 2020, Rab finished off the year on a high note and is looking to keep rolling in 2021. As an emerging musician, many will not have heard his stuff before, but with a free song download of “We Were Young” on offer, the time to get familiar is upon us.

Released on December 02, 2020, alongside a cover of  R.E.M.’s “The One I Love,” “We Were Young” is an uplifting little number featuring some male-female vocal work and lots of retro 80s-rock vibes à la the more radio-friendly offerings from The Cure. The slick tune is a good indication of the possibilities for Rab as he continues to push his music to new ears around the world.

On “We Were Young,” Rab states:

“This is one of my favourite tracks from the album (hence why I chose it for the single). It’s about how, as we get older, people let things weigh them down and worry about silly things that, in reality, don’t matter. Worrying about what other people might think, for example, or worrying about something at work. If we could all go back to how we used to be when we were young when we didn’t have these worries and we just used to have fun. I think it’s really important, especially with how things are at the moment with the pandemic, that we all keep this in mind and just be happy with what we have. A lot of us are so lucky and don’t even realize it because we spend so much time worrying about what we don’t have instead.”

Artwork for “We Were Young” by Rab McGowan
Artwork for ‘Wake Up EP’ by Rab McGowan