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Perseide Let Out All Their Aggression in New “Set Me Free” Music Video [Premiere]



If there was a phrase that could succinctly sum up how most of the world is feeling right now, it would be “Set Me Free.” For all of us who took our freedom for granted, which is pretty much all of us, we’ve been treated to a rude awakening over these past twelve months. Francophone band Perseide are rallying us together in our pursuit of liberty, with their fist-pumping, high octane new music video for their latest single “Set Me Free.”

This new song sounds tailormade for alternative rock radio, a hard-rocking tune, with just the right amount of pop, packaged together with a lighthearted new music video. The clip features performance shots of the band, both at their current ages, and as old-timers, rocking the roof off of a bowling alley. For a group of “geezers,” this ensemble can really bring the energy, something bowling alleys are typically completely devoid of.

With some words on the song, the band stated, “Set me free. Set me free from my possessions. ‘The things you own end up owning you,’ said Tyler Durden in Fight Club. When possessions end up possessing your head like a devil, when the desire to be complete and perfect ends up eating your brain, it is time to exorcise! Before becoming old and empty with all your riches around you, and your life behind you. Mankind is getting infected. So set me free before it is too late…”

This isn’t the first amusing video that Perseide has put together. In fact, it’s becoming a staple of this band to accompany their crowd thumping songs with memorable visual accompaniments. Almost a year ago to the day, we brought you the premiere of the band’s “Fade Away” music video, which saw the band members rocking the doors off of a school classroom. Celebrating their 20th year together this year, Perseide released their debut album The Only Thing in May, 2020. The record received a tremendous reaction, but its release, unfortunately, coincided with the pandemic lockdown, which obviously meant no live shows to promote it.

As a result, the band fully focused their attention on promoting The Only Thing in any way they could, but not content on waiting out the pandemic, they returned to the studio to record new music. “Set Me Free” is just the first new single to come in a string of them which will be arriving soon. The band is at a level of comfort with their sound like they’ve never felt before, and they are more motivated than ever. When it comes to Perseide, it’s game on.

They are ready, willing, and able to take it to another level. Just wait until you get to experience it live, and in your face…

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