Relationships, love, romance… It’s all so simple, yet so complex, isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve arrived at the perfect situation, something comes along to complicate it all. And instead of just moving on, we usually feel compelled to stick it out, and work for love. Indie pop star Payson Lewis is acknowledging all of this in his brand new single “In Your Heart,” an upbeat tune that hopefully can give you a lift, if you happen to relate with what this young man is talking about. The song takes a glimpse at how demoralizing a difficult relationship can be, and how hard it can be to simply move on. There are a lot of people who find themselves trapped in abusive relationships, now perhaps more than ever, another unfortunate side effect of the pandemic. Lewis’ compassionate lyrics deliberately reach out to you, offering you some words to relate with, while showing you that it doesn’t always have to end bad, and it is possible to say goodbye with love.

Explaining why he wrote this song, Lewis said, “In my life, I’m the person that tries to never burn a bridge. I try to hold onto the good in people. Even when I’ve been burned…I try to not to let that pain make me forget the love that came first. You know, no one intends to get into a toxic relationship. They almost always start with love, you know? It’s over time that they grow unhealthy and unsustainable. That’s why I wrote ‘In Your Heart.’ A friend of mine found herself in a situation that she needed to get out of. A relationship that was once beautiful but now was becoming emotionally unbearable and unsafe. She was losing herself to this relationship; giving everything she had. She wanted to leave but didn’t want to hurt her partner. Deep down, the love that started it was still there. So I wrote this song and told her to hold the memory in your heart, but that the time had come that she couldn’t give herself up anymore.”

As a musician, Lewis’ fortunes actually began to rise, rather than falter in 2020. He released his debut record Take Me Apart last year, a well-received helping of indie pop that has seen over 500,000 streams, and three music videos. Lewis first began to gather a following when he was a contestant on NBC’s The Sing-Off, in which he finished in the top four. Since then, he’s not only been working hard on his own music, but he also found the opportunity to participate in symphony orchestras in Taiwan and Korea, and theatrical performances in Chicago and Las Vegas. When Lewis isn’t singing, he’s acting. That’s right, the singer-songwriter is also a well respected actor, who has had roles on hit television shows such as Jane the Virgin, The People vs. OJ Simpson, and How I Met Your Mother. Acting is great and all, but what really makes Lewis get out of bed in a day is his music. It doesn’t hurt that he has a very positive attitude about it all, which makes this an indie pop affair that you can’t help but indulge yourself in.

Artwork for ‘In Your Heart’ by Payson Lewis