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Women of Rock: Holly Forrest of FXRRVST Reveals Her Top Female Role Models



We’re seeing the forest for the trees today with none other than indie rock duo FXRRVST. That’s right, FXRRVST is indeed pronounced forest, a tandem that has been receiving comparisons to Paramore and Tegan and Sara. Today marks the release of their new single “The Story Doesn’t End At Chapter 14,” which serves as the second single and album opener for their new EP Dear Friend Part 2.

Coming on April 9th, the EP is, you guessed it, the follow up to Part 1, a collection of new songs that will pick up where its predecessor left off, but will also push the duo’s sound into new territory. “The Story Doesn’t End At Chapter 14” does its job in conveying FXRRVST’s flair for hook-laden indie rock that has a fun sound to it but still accomplishes conveying a serious message. That message is one of offering your support to someone in need and reassuring them that you have their back and that you’ll do what you can to help them put the pieces back together.

Featuring Matt Fuentes and Holly Forrest, FXRRVST is putting the indie rock community on notice that they are on the rise. As a strong-willed, confident, talented young woman, we recently caught up with Forrest for our latest Women of Rock feature in which she outlines some of her favourite and most significant female role models.

1. Hayley Williams

Paramore was probably the first band I fell in love with and made me want to be a musician. As a young teen at the time, Hayley Williams’ lyrics and overall persona helped get me through a lot. She definitely helped shape who I am as an artist today!”

2. Tegan and Sara

“I found Tegan and Sara around the same time as Paramore and they still inspire me to this day. They helped me come out and discover who I was as a musician and a person. The album The Con still stands as one of my favorite albums of all time! The first time I saw them live I bawled through their entire set (laughs).”

3. Greta Thunberg

“She’s become an influence to so many people in the short time she’s been in the public eye. I’ve been passionate about the environment ever since I saw Steve Irwin on TV when I was five and I’m in awe of her resilience. She’s put a fire in people’s belly that isn’t going out, including me.”

Holly Forest of FXRRVST

4. Demi Lovato

“Back to those teenage years, Demi Lovato helped me through a lot mentally and the way she speaks about mental health and her struggles so openly has inspired me to do the same when I can. Even if it just helps one person.”

5. Phoebe Bridgers

“There hasn’t been a day in the past year that I haven’t listened to Phoebe Bridgers. I was a little late to the party but I’m glad I joined! It’s awesome seeing all the huge artists she’s collaborated with (Hayley Williams, Matt Berninger, The 1975 to name a few) and seeing her not-so-conventional indie music get so huge and nominated for so many awards.”

Artwork for ‘The_ Story Doesn’t End at Chapter 14’ by FXRRVST

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