UK hard rockers A New Tomorrow surge into 2021 with a brand new video for their namesake single, “A New Tomorrow.” The video is a striking cinematic version of the single which is out now through Frontiers Music.

Harnessing influence from colossal heavyweights such as Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge and Incubus, the single is an uplifting and melodic slice of hard rock. To celebrate the release of the single, we got the band to pick through some of their favourite covers, tributes, and acoustic reworkings and you can check out the six they picked right here.

1. Heart – “Stairway To Heaven”

Alessio Garavello (Lead Vocals, Guitar): “The ultimate rock opera song. I’ve loved ‘Stairway To Heaven’ since day one. It has such a unique atmosphere and this version by Heart really blooms. You can see the original Led Zeppelin members being emotionally moved by it. Incredible gospel choir at the end.”

2. Alice In Chains – “Down In A Hole” (MTV Unplugged)

Andrea Lonardi (Bass): “I love how real this version of the song is. The lack of layers of vocals and huge distorted guitars, usually signatures of Alice in Chains’ sound, makes the pain and the struggle painted in this song come through in the most honest and intense of ways.”

3. Opeth – “Demon of the Fall” (Acoustic)

Tim Hall (Drums): “It’s amazing how Opeth turned one of their progressive death metal classics into a tribal acoustic version. Especially with the death growl vocals exchanged for 3-part vocal harmonies!”

4. Whitesnake – “Sailing Ships” (Unplugged)

Andrea: “I love how heartfelt and intense this version is. David Coverdale’s voice and Adrian Vandenberg’s guitar take you on a magical journey. This version gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.”

5. Lower Than Atlantis – “Message In A Bottle”

Michael Kew (Guitar): “I’ve always admired bands that were brave enough to cover an absolute classic and I think the only way to do it is to add your own flavour to it. For me, Lower Than Atlantis did a fantastic version of this amazing track.”

6. Bryan Adams – “All For Love”

Alessio Garavello (Lead Vocals, Guitar): “Incredible raw talent. Amazing songwriter and a voice that resonates with the listener’s heart. One of the best gigs and best performers I’ve seen to date.”

Artwork for ‘A New Tomorrow’ by A New Tomorrow

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