While others have packed on the pounds, numbed their brains with too much Netflix, or let their laundry pile up until there are no clean clothes to be found, Jared Hallock has used the past year quite productively. He has used the time for musical experimentation, where he could feel free to try new sounds, play with production techniques, and most of all, indulge in his creativity.

Well, it’s paid off with the release of his new single “Bleed With Who,” issued under the name Project 213, the pseudonym he uses to write and record. The song is a trippy, experimental affair that borrows the best elements from psychedelic rock, alternative, and electronic music. A rather personal song, “Bleed With Who” is a song that reflects on the feelings of anger and frustration, that makes way for eventual growth and self-reflection.

Update: The band recently added the following comment: “We have recently learned of the untimely passing of fellow musician and artist, Max Donahue. Max is the son of our album cover artist, Ryan, and our close friend Alisha. Max will be forever remembered in the music we make. Here is the link to the music Max created for us to enjoy.”

Providing us more insight, Hallock told us, “‘Bleed With Who?’ is a question posed to a partner who has decided to leave a relationship. The question is, ‘Who are you going to be with? Who are you going to share your life with? Who are you going to bleed with?’ The music expresses some of the frustration and anger that thoughts like these can bring about. Additionally, the music offers an inner voice with questions, and then answers those questions with distortion, bent notes, pitch shifting, and old sounds dying out as new ones are born. The metamorphosis experienced in the lyrics and the music answer the question expressed in the title, ‘Bleed With Who?’ It doesn’t matter who you bleed with when you are busy becoming a butterfly.”

Project 213 is a studio project, created by Hallock as a means of exploring different sounds and genre mashups. There’s a no-rules kind of approach to the project, where Hallock lets the music be his guide. The name is an ode to his days in college, when he spent a lot of his time in room 213 of the music building, the place where he and his friends would spend countless hours writing, recording, and creating chaos after hours when everyone else had left for the day. While he continues to develop Project 213 further, Hallock is very excited to have his new music be featured in the web series Running On Love, which is due to be released later this year.

It’s all really come together quite nicely for Hallock over the last several months, and things will only get better with plenty more new music on the way.

Artwork for ‘Bleed With Who’ by Project 213