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Nakia’s New Lyric Video Reminds Us that “It’s Never Too Late” [Premiere]



Passion, strength, and resiliency are the driving elements behind singer and songwriter Nakia’s brand new single, “It’s Never Too Late.” With the song released last month, today marks the premiere of the tune’s gentle and heartfelt lyric video, which really emphasizes the message behind this touching song.

A special assist for this song goes out to Charlie Cotton, the eight-year-old son of actress and musician Savanna Welch. The inspiration for “It’s Never Too Late” came from a heartfelt Facebook post that Welch, a good friend of Nakia’s, made to her page about her son Charlie saying to her “It’s never too late for things to get better for anyone. It’s never too late to start over and try again.”

This reminder that Charlie offered his mother came as a result of a horrible tragedy that had occurred a few years prior. While visiting a farmer’s market, Welch was struck by a runaway car which resulted in her losing her right leg. Soon after, she and Charlie’s father separated, which only further solidified the bond between mother and son. Experiencing these hardships together helped the two of them get into the habit of looking on the bright side of life, which was at the heart of Charlie’s reminder to his mother that although it may have seemed like it was too late for things to change, it really wasn’t.

Overcome by inspiration, Nakia has crafted an emotional, but uplifting, and almost celebratory anthem. Speaking on the video and how it came together, he said, “When it came time to make a music video I knew I wanted the focus to be on the lyrics and the message of the song. I had recently been introduced to this amazing artist from Tennessee named Ben Wu, and I was so intrigued by their work. I took a shot and asked if they’d like to create some illustrations for a lyric video and sure enough Ben jumped right in. I originally intended to just show each panel as the lyrics changed but when I saw the beautiful art Ben was creating, which took me back to classic PBS kids shoes like Sesame Street and 3,2,1 Contact, I knew I had to see it animated.”

Nakia & Charlie

He continues, “So, I hopped on YouTube, watched a ton of tutorials and taught myself some basic animation skills and two weeks later we had a very sweet story being told over the course of the song. I hope people find joy and inspiration in the video and in turn share that with the folks they love. Now is the time for humanity to dig deep for that empathy and kindness for one another, despite any story we’ve told ourselves about each other before. It’s never too late to love yourself or someone else. We can start over.”

In honour of “It’s Never Too Late,” Nakia and Charlie are donating half of their Bandcamp sales of the song to the Austin, Texas-based mental health nonprofit organization The SIMS Foundation. Nakia is perhaps best known for his stint on the first season of NBC’s The Voice when he became a fan favourite for his ability to use his powerful voice to put his own unique spin on well-known pop songs. Long before his time on The Voice, Nakia was a highly regarded member of the Austin music scene, as a member of various bands, a solo artist, and as a producer. He is currently scoring for several independent web shows and has also been writing new material as part of his solo career.

An admirable artist, and individual, there is no one more deserving of the praise and success that Nakia has been receiving for his current and previous work.

Artwork for “It’s Never Too Late” by Nakia