Hope. It’s what a lot of us are clinging to right now. Without hope, where would we be? Hoping for better days has never been so much a part of the human psyche as it is presently speaking. The bianca Story has a few thoughts on hope and our current collective point of view in regards thereof with their new music video for “HOPE THERE IS” from their latest album Fata Morgana.

The video is in one instance humorous, and in another, desirous, featuring retro, and more current clips of people dancing and just letting loose, no matter how silly they may look or feel. It serves as a drastic contrast to the rigid doubt and uncertainty that is currently lording over us. It also makes you consider and appreciate the little things in life that we never realized we were taking for granted, like acting silly, even childish just for the hell of it.

To clue us in more on the new single and video, the band said, “Nowadays, a sparkling dancefloor is a Fata Morgana. We are longing for celebrating, loud music and sweating bodies. Lots of people dancing without fear. ‘HOPE THERE IS’ sings about the hope for hope. The video by Fabian Chiquet is an ode to times gone by, but a time that will hopefully soon be our future again. Hope there is hope…”

It’s been six long years since The bianca Story released new music. Their fifth studio record, Fata Morgana is dense indie rock, with pop tendencies, and the perfect record to help you turn the page to a new year. The band released their fourth record Digger in 2013, and after some live shows in support of the record, a long hiatus ensued. 2020 served as the perfect backdrop to the group’s return, a time when audiences could use something to uplift their spirit. Twelve tracks in length, Fata Morgana jumps between well-coordinated pop-folk ballads and more traditional indie rock anthems. It’s the perfect “now” record, coming at a time where we all need to go let it out.

As we continue to look ahead, allow The bianca Story to help soothe that weary soul of yours.

Artwork for ‘Fata Morgana’ by The bianca Story